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Unhallowed Necropolis
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If you need to contact Hallows Eve Designs, please email www.hallowsevedesigns@gmail.com. Physical address is
5226 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
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Unhallowed Metropolis Created by: Jason Soles
& Nicole Vega
Photography: Angel Ceballos, Bloodengel Photography,
Colleen Mathis, David Russel, Marc17
Writers: Jason Soles and Nicole Vega
Models: Alison Park Douglas, Andrew Shirley, Anita
Arora, Ann Koi, Ashlee Phoenyx, Beegirlamy, Carlee
Wolcott, DekenAngel, DJ Eternal Darkness, Isabel
Saavedra, Jennifer Quesada, Katie Mineke, Laurel Dodge,
Liz Bell, Lord Panthere, Marc17, Miz Deliverance, Revel,
Additional Contributions: George Higham,
Melanie Strong
Graphic Designer: Jefferson Dunlap
Editor: Jennifer Shaiman
Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos, Marc17,
David Russel
Proofreaders: Anita Arora, Jason Soles, Nicole Vega
Make Up Artists: Miz Deliverance and Jennifer
Art Direction: Jason Soles
Hallows Eve Designs: Aron Tarbuck and Kate
Cover Artist: George Higham
Interior Artists: Aron Dittbrenner, Chris Walton,
Eliza Gauger, Melissa Uran, Robert Tritthardt
Hallows Eve Designs Business Manager : Kate
Unhallowed Logo: Daniel Gelon
Hallows Eve Designs Webmaster: Bonnie
New Dark Age Logo: Joshua McDowell
Play Testers: Kayo Blackmoore, Ian Block, Jordon Block, Colin Chapman, Miguel Duran, Brad Elliott, Vincent Foley, Marc17, Jesse
Means, Marcy Monroe, Derek Philip Murtagh, Jason Ryder, Jane Skau, Matt Skau, Jason Soles, Melanie Strong, Aron Tarbuck, Nicole
Vega, Matt York.
Special Thanks: Jennifer Shaiman, Jefferson Dunlap, Marc17, Anita Arora, Aron Tarbuck, Kate Lynch & the Dreaming, George
Higham, Eliza Gauger, Colin Chapman, Angel Ceballos, Bloodengel, Colleen Mathis, Melissa Uran, Robert Tritthardt, Aron
Dittbrenner, Simon Berman, George Cusack, Patrick Carrik, Miz Deliverance, DekenAngel, Ann Koi and Catalyst Studios, Michael
Santora, Laurel Dodge, Qais Fulton, Jennifer Quesada, the Mercury, Dark Industry Clothing, Katie Mineke and the Girl Army, Brad
Elliott, Hsin Chen, Eos Press, Deirdre, Raven Mimura, Brian and Gwen Callahan and Sigh Co. Graphics, Brent Waldher, Marcy
Monroe, Jordon Block and Victorian Gaming Enthusiast, Sepiachord, Jennifer Dowling, David Russel, Rusty Oliver & Hazard Factory,
Derek Fetters, Matt Wilson, Rob Stoddard, Privateer Press, Charles Moore, Andrew Migliore & the HP Lovecraft Film Festival, Paul
Groendes, Steven Bard, Chris Hord, Mickey Schulz, Jillian and Pete Ventures, Lord Panthere, Liz Bell, Dominique Ryder, Alexander
Boykitten Ramsay, Noam de Plume, DavE Burbank, the cast of the F!SH and everyone that modeled and helped out with our photo
shoots. Melanie Strong and Bill Movish for too much to tell. To our amazing play testers! To everyone on the unhallowed_met LJ
community and the denizens of the Eos Press forums for their encouragement and suggestions, especially GregH, JohnK, Wolfgar, 42!,
Beermonkey, NyarghoDirge, and stormwell.
The New Dark Age is Jason Soles and Nicole Vega.
This book is printed under the copyright of the United States of America. Contents copyright © 2009, Jason Soles and Nicole
Vega. All rights reserved. This book is a work of fi ction; any resemblance to organizations, places, events, or actual people–living
or dead–is purely coincidental. Copies of materials herein are intended solely for your personal, noncommercial use, and only if
you preserve any associated copyrights, trademarks, or other notices. You may not distribute copies to others for a charge or other
consideration without prior written consent of the owner of the materials except for review purposes only.
Unhallowed Metropolis, the Unhallowed Metropolis logo, the New Dark Age logo, the Neo-Victorian World, and all related character names, places, and things
are trademark and copyright © 2009, Jason Soles and Nicole Vega. Hallows Eve Designs logo is trademark and copyright © 2009, Hallows Eve Designs
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1:
Visions & Revelations
P age3
Chapter 4:
The Ghosts of London
P age 169
The Plague Years:
Dawn of a New Aeon
World of the Aether
Page 170
Page 5
Neo-Victorian Spiritualism
P age 173
The Neo-Victorian Era
P age 16
Taxonomy of the Dead
Page 184
General Rules
P age 190
Chapter 2:
Mysteria in Vitro
P age 194
P age 43
Page 196
New Rules
Page 43
P age 206
New Callings
P age 44
Second Sight
P age 209
P age 81
P age 212
P age 48
P age 53
Chapter 5: Aethertech
P age 219
Page 56
Spectral Containment
P age 224
P age 59
Aetheric Containment Devices
P age 227
New Corruption Affl ictions
P age 62
Aether Gear
Page 232
New Skill: Parapsychology
P age 66
Aether Weapons
P age 244
New Qualities and Impediments
P age 67
Medical Equipment
P age 247
New Mental Disorders
Page 81
Prosthetic Graft
P age 247
Psychoactive Drugs
P age 248
Chapter 3:
Through a Glass Darkly
P age 83
Appendix A: Glossary
P age252
Devotions & the Gifted
P age 84
Psychic Rules
Page 91
Appendix B: Index
P age 255
Empath y
P age 95
Extrasensory Perception
P age 105
Appendix C: Bibliography
Page 256
P age 113
P age 120
Psychokinetic Devotions
Page 132
P age 132
P age 140
P age 146
Psychosurger y
P age 155
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List of Photos
From the Shadows
En Garde
p age 119
p age 18
Model: Miz Deliverance
Photo by: Bloodengel Photography
Photo Manipulation: Marc17
Models: Ashlee Phoenyx and Beegirlamy
Photo: Coleen Mathis
Photo Manipulation: Marc17
p age 138
The Mists
p age 20
Models: Isabel Saavedra and Andrew Shirley
Photo and Photo Manipulation: David Russel
Models: Laurel Dodge and SchweißerMann
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Marc17
Fire Walker
p age 142
p age 23
Model: Laurel Dodge
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos
Model: Revel
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos
You May Feel a Slight Pinch
p age 155
p age 34
Model: Anita Arora
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos
Model: Katie Mineke
Photo: Coleen Mathis
Photo Manipulation: Marc17
Operating Time
p age 166
Model: Lord Panthere
Photo by: Bloodengel Photography
The Scream
p age 63
Model: DekenAngel
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos
Spirit Photography
p age 172
Models: Ashlee Phoenyx and Beegirlamy
Photo: Coleen Mathis
Photo Manipulation: Marc17
p age 72
Models: DekenAngel and Miz Deliverance
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Marc17
Séance p age176
Models: Laurel Dodge, DJ Eternal Darkness, and
Jennifer Quesada
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos
The Medium p age 74
Models: DJ Eternal Darkness and Jennifer Quesada
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos
p age 183
Woman in the Mists
p age 79
Models: Isabel Saavedra and Andrew Shirley
Photo and Photo Manipulation: David Russel
Model: Alison Park Douglas
Photo: Coleen Mathis
Photo Manipulation: Marc17
p age 192
The Psychic Detective
p age 88
Model: Ann Koi
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos
Model: Marc17
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos
p age 194
The Mad Doctor
p age 90
Photo by: Bloodengel Photography
Photo Manipulation: Marc17
Model: Lord Panthere
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos
Ethereal Embrace
p age 204
Neo-Victorian Psychic
p age 109
Models: Isabel Saavedra and Andrew Shirley
Photo and Photo Manipulation: David Russel
Model: Jennifer Quesada
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos
Shadow Play
p age 214
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Marc17
The Lunatic
p age 117
Model: Liz Bell
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Angel Ceballos
A Delicate Operation
p age 221
Model: Carlee Wolcott
Photo and Photo Manipulation: Marc17
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