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AC Schnitzer ACS4
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AC Schnitzer - Technology transfer
from motorsport to the road.
Back in the 1960s, the Schnitzer
brothers enjoyed success in
BMWs in Touring Car series
on almost every race track in
the world. Above all the „Green
Hell“ - as motor racing fans call
the Nürburgring - is inseparably
linked with the racing history
of Schnitzer. Since the earliest
beginnings, we at AC Schnitzer
have systematically applied this
experience from motorsport in
our product development. And
the Nürburgring is still used as
the AC Schnitzer „test track“.
Here all components must prove
their performance and durability
under realistic racing conditions
before being included in the
AC Schnitzer special accessories
range. Only in this way can we
combine suitability for everyday
road use with the sporting dy-
namics of motorsport which are
rightly expected of AC Schnitzer.
Perhaps it‘s the special enthusiasm which
links the countless race wins of the Schnitzer
brothers with the legendary innovation force
of AC Schnitzer products.
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The Nürburgring - known as the „Green Hell“ to generations of motorsport fans -
is still the real test track for the AC Schnitzer development engineers
AC Schnitzer ACS4 -
Classic Roadster in a tailored form.
As a Roadster, the BMW Z4 with
its classic stretched design cuts
a striking figure on our roads
even in standard form. Innova-
tive design with dynamic lines.
All well and good, but for many
enthusiasts that simply isn‘t
enough. The standard body just
seems to lack the final aerody-
namic touches with balanced,
dynamic contours.
Either pre- or post-facelift model
- the individually developed
aerodynamic components give
the Roadster an even more
striking face. By applying their
experience from motorsport, the
AC Schnitzer designers have sys-
tematically extended the lines of
the standard model. And with all
its sporting dynamics, the Roads-
ter looks even more harmonious
and exclusive.
The AC Schnitzer aerodyna-
mic components systemati-
cally extend the body lines
of the Z4. Front spoiler and
side skirts, deflectors with
integral indicators, rear
skirt with sports rear silencer
in Racing Design and two-
piece rear wing, are perfectly
tailored to the vehicle both
before (large pictures) and
after (small pictures) the
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M-Technik meets race technology.
What better match than the
sporting design of the M-Technik
version and the race-experienced
perspective of the AC Schnitzer
engineers. From this position,
the borders of car and suspen-
sion technology for the road can
be completely redefined.
the proven philosophy of not
increasing the engine power
further but perceptibly improving
its transfer to the road in every
situation. Specially developed
suspension with lowering by
up to 30 mm, and generously
dimensioned wheel and tyre
combinations are matched to
the specific vehicle on extensive
test laps.
As standard the M Roadster
with 343 HP/252 kW develops
engine power which meets even
unusually high standards. So we
at AC Schnitzer have followed
With the AC Schnitzer front spoiler elements,
the chromed front grille and side skirts, the
M-Roadster achieves aerodynamic values
compatible with motorsport.
Better fast than hard.
The already legendary suspen-
sion philosophy of AC Schnitzer
finds its ultimate expression in
M-Technik vehicles. The optimum
set up of the AC Schnitzer
suspension and aerodynamic
components, with a modified
rear axle ratio, means that all
the energy of the M-engine can
be converted into speed.
Acoustically and visually, this
perfect symphony is accompa-
nied by the deep staccato of
the twin exhaust system from
the AC Schnitzer rear silencers
with chromed tailpipes in Racing
Downforce not lift: In direct contrast to its
function in aircraft, the AC Schnitzer rear
wing creates the downforce on the rear axle.
Better live: The sound from two
AC Schnitzer sports rear silencers with
chromed tailpipes.
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