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AC Schnitzer Exhaust Systems
"Racing" tailpipes for
all actual BMW models
Tailpipes for BMW‘s
classic predecessors models
"Trap Ment" tailpipes for 6 series
(E63/E64), 7 series (E65/E66)
AC Schnitzer · Neuenhofstraße 160 · D-52078 Aachen · Telefon ++49/(0)241/56 88 130 · ++49/(0)700 ACSCHNITZER
Telefax ++49/(0)241/56 88 135 · e-mail: info@ac-schnitzer.de · Internet: www.ac-schnitzer.de
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AC Schnitzer high performance exhaust systems, rear silencers and chromed
tailpipes, all made from stainless steel.
A sonorous sound and a sporty appearance are always scope of delivery -- at the same time the power
output and responding behaviour of the car are further improved.
Dual sports exhaust system for BMW Z4 M Roadster and M Coupé
consisting of: exhaust manifold, special catalyst, crossover pipe and dual
sports rear silencer with chromed "Racing" tailpipes -- for Export only
Sports rear silencer for MINI Cooper S (R56)
with chromed "Racing" tailpipe in central
Sports exhaust system for MINI Cooper S (R56)
consisting of: soundpipe, crossover pipe, 1
sports rear silencer with chromed "Racing"
tailpipe in central position -- for Export only
Tailpipe "Sports Trim" for
BMW M cars (E60/E61,
E63/E64, E85/E86)
Dual sports rear silencer for BMW M6
consisting of: 2 sports rear silencers made of
stainless steel with 2 chromed oval tailpipes
each -- for Export only
Tailpipe for BMW 7 series
Tailpipes for BMW M3
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