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Original BMW
Accessories 2008
BMW 1 Series
Driving Pleasure
Original BMW accessories.
Equipped with the best ideas.
Original BMW exterior accessories offer you a new
outlook on life. Take for example the high-quality
alloy wheels and the powerful aerodynamic kit,
speciically designed to emphasize the strikingly
sporty looks of the BMW 1 Series. And as with all
BMW accessory components, they have under-
gone the most stringent tests on both the mater-
ials and the design to ensure that they meet BMW’s
strict quality standards. So you can be conident
your BMW is as good to drive as it is to look at.
Original BMW interior accessories let you put your
personal stamp on the inside of your BMW 1 Series.
Whether the look you prefer is elegant or sporty,
the quality of the BMW design, materials and work-
manship will impress even the most discerning of
Original BMW communication and information
system accessories combine state-of-the-art
technology with total lexibility. Whether you want
excellent telephone links, the latest in entertain-
ment, or information about what the road ahead
has in store for you, there’s a BMW accessories
solution here that’s right for you. So your journey
can be whatever you want it to be.
Original BMW accessories offer a wide choice of
transportation and luggage compartment solu-
tions, giving you all the extra carrying capacity you
need. Everything, from roof rack systems to solu-
tions for the luggage compartment and interior of
the car, is designed especially for your BMW, and
is extremely user-friendly – so you can use the car
for whatever activity you want with a minimum of
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