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AC Schnitzer AC S7
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How the automobile elite redisco-
vers its sporting ambitions.
F01 and F02 – already, the
designations of the new
7-series models are a subtle
indication of their pole positi-
on in the market. At the same
time, BMW has resumed its
lead in terms of design. Even
the standard saloon, with all
its exclusive elegance and
avant-garde style, cannot
conceal its characteristic
BMW heritage of spor ting
dynamism. These apparently
already perfect representa-
tives of the automotive world
present just the challenges
which the bodystylers and
engineers of AC Schnitzer in
Aachen were waiting for.
They have applied all the rules
of the tuning ar t to fur ther
enhance these flagships of
technology and styling - even
more striking and effective
aerodynamics, a more indivi-
dual wheel range with several
design lines, a suspension
spring set and numerous
exclusive design components
for the vehicle interior.
A fine line: Rarely have
aerodynamics taken such
elegant forms of expression.
The AC Schnitzer front
spoiler – optionally with
Chromline-Set – subtly em-
phasises the dynamic lines.
AC Schnitzer ACS7: Sporting
dynamics meet exclusive elegance.
Really, superlatives are out
of place when describing the
world of exclusive products.
But the exceptions here prove
the rule. „The new model is
certainly the most dynamic
7-series of all time, which is
why we have been very subtle
in our changes to the basic
style,“ says AC Schnitzer Chief
Designer Michele Viandante,
explaining his philosophy for
the 7-series. „Yet our aerody-
namic components succeed
in setting striking accents and
bring out the sporting nature
of the saloon.“
Front spoiler, side skirt ele-
ments, rear roof spoiler, rear
spoiler and rear skirt – every
component is made with maxi-
mum precision from PU RIM.
Chromline-Sets at the right
places provide subtle gloss.
„The look as a whole should be
harmonious, and not a com-
bination of jogging pants and
designer jacket,“ is Viandante‘s
comment on his perfectionist
Individualists with sporting ambitions can scarcely resist the
striking contours of the subtly emphasised body lines.
The extensive AC Schnitzer
wheel range for the luxury saloons.
AC Schnitzer Type IV: As a re-interpretation
of the classic 5-spoke design, these alloy wheels
have already set new standards. The striking
wheel silhouette in BiColor finish, with polished
or matt black components, creates ever-changing
visual impressions in the F01/F02 models. The
AC Schnitzer Type IV is available as a 20“ alloy
wheel in BiColor.
AC Schnitzer Type V: This lightweight forged
alloy rim is an avant-garde, reduced five-spoke
wheel with pentagonal centre. The innova-
tive production technolog y allows extreme
transparency and lightness. With its narrow but
strikingly contoured webs and filigree crown,
this wheel is available for the 7-series in 20“ and
- of course - a gigantic 22“ on tyres up to size
295/25, and weighs in at just 14kg.
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Innovative production technology fused with
exclusive styling design.
AC Schnitzer Type VII: With varying spread
angles of the web pairs, a contrasting surface in
BiColor inish or in silver with a polished crown,
the AC Schnitzer Type V II wheel in 22“ with
tyre sizes up to 295/25 creates a particularly
sporting overall picture on the 7-series.
AC Schnitzer Type VIII: A true three-piece
designer product, this forged racing rim is a
revolution. The visual charm of the classic
5-spoke wheel results from the interplay of the
cast, forged and machined components of the
inner star, and the anthracite spoke frame it
supports. With its visible special steel bolts, the
forged racing rim for the luxury saloon takes to
the starting line in 22“.
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