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WS 300 Radio Weather Station
Willy presents you with the
Unique concept – fantastic price
The weather forecast was made yester-
day – now here comes Willy. Elegant
design, innovative sensor technology,
and the weather forecast presented by
Willy the weatherman - these are just a
few of the features of the new radio
weather station from ELV.
The attractively designed weather sta-
tion can be completely set up and ready
to use in just minutes.
It displays not only the weather data but
also calculates the weather forecast for
your immediate area and registers wind
speeds as well as rainfall. It also pro-
vides you with other interesting infor-
mation, such as the current phase of the
moon, sunrise and sunset times, weath-
er trends, room climate and more.
To find out quickly what the weather is
going to be like, all you have to do is take
a look at what kind of clothes Willy is
wearing. Whether swim suit or scarf
and umbrella, Willy has over 50 varia-
tions for dressing appropriately for the
weather just outside your door. As soon
as it begins to rain and the sensor de-
tects it, Willy informs you by appearing
with an opened umbrella you don’t
even have to look outside to know.
The large well-organised LCD, super flat
and housed in the elegant silver-blue
base station, shows you all of the impor-
tant weather data in diagrammatic and
nummeric formats when in normal
mode. Other functions are easily
accessed using only five buttons.
Greatly contributing to the accuracy of
the weather data is the new KS 300 radio
combi-sensor (see the page opposite
for a detailed description). It is fitted
onto a mast that can be placed in the
ground and works similarly to profes-
sional devices used in industrial appli-
cations. For example the outdoor
temperature is measured in the same
way as done by professional
meteorologists: 2 m high and protected
from sunlight.
In addition, the combi-sensor can be set
up any place up to a distance of 100 m
of the base station without having to lay
cables or drill holes. Up to 8 additional
locations can be used to place the
ASH 2200 sensors to measure the
temperature and relative humidity and
have the data sent wirelessly via radio to
the weather station using low
disturbance 868 MHz technology.
Outdoor temperature and outdoor
You can select the temperatures and
relative humidities of one to nine wire-
less outdoor sensors (one KS 300 com-
bi-sensor, eight ASH 2200 outdoor sen-
sors). The first outdoor sensor is in the
Display of:
- Outdoor temperature, alternatively
dew point or windchill temperature
(skin-sensed temperature)
- Outdoor humidity
- Display of the currently displayed sen-
Indoor temperature and
indoor humidity
Both sensors are already built into the
housing of the weather station. No ex-
ternal sensors are necessary.
Display of:
- Indoor temperature, or alternately dew
point display
- Indoor humidity
- Comfort indicator for room climate
The rainfall volumeter is a component of
the combi-sensor and transmits its data
via radio technology to the weather sta-
Display of:
- Rainfall in mm, l/m 2 or inch; the last hour,
the last 24 hours, or total can be selected
- Display of the rain beginning
Wind speed
The wind speed gauge is also a compo-
nent of the combi-sensor. It can be set
up using the mobile mast without being
influenced by buildings, trees etc. It too
transmits data by radio to the weather
Display of:
- Wind speed in km/hr., m/s,mph
- Windsock icon (light, moderate,
Moon phase display
Display of the current moon phase in
four stages: New moon, first quarter,
last quarter, full moon
Air pressure history, air pressure trend
For following weather development and
the weather forecast.
Display of:
- Air pressure history in the last 24 hrs.
- Air pressure trend display: rising
steeply, rising, no change, dropping,
steeply dropping
- Selectable display of indoor or out-
door temperature or air pressure
Sunrise, sunset, time & date
Based on exact positioning (longitude &
latitude), sunrise and sunset times are
very precisely displayed for every town
in Germany.
Display of:
- Sunrise and sunset
- Time & date
WS 300
Weather forecast
The weather fore-
cast is indicated by
the "clothing status"
of Weather Willy
and by the weather
icons (sun, clouds,
rain) at the top of
the display.
Order no.: 17-561-96
WS 300 Radio Weather Station
including KS 300 radio
sensor and batteries
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((Ü HK04, pp. 362/363))
KS 300 – combi-sensor with Q4-1 technology
To eliminate nearly all measurement
errors, the temperature and humidity
sensor was designed to be similar to
often used professional measuring sys-
tems (e.g. on motorway bridges and at
mountain measuring stations): Ribbed
housing with air inlets ensures that the
device is well protected and is supplied
with uniform air flow while shielding the
sensors from direct sunlight and inad-
missible warming.
The rotary head (on ball bearings) of
the anemometer enables measurement
of the wind speed regardless of the
direction, even when the wind is mini-
Setting up the rainfall measuring sys-
tem at the same height as the the other
sensors offers enormous advantages
over ground placement. Soiling due to
leaves and dust is avoided, the danger of
unintentional damage is reduced signif-
icantly, and measurement in the above-
ground current is more accurate.
Conventional weather stations require a
certain period of time to gather data
after a minimum amount of rain has
fallen before a rain indicator appears on
the display. During moderate rainfall
this can last some 20 minutes.
In contrast, the KS 300 combi-sensor
with Q4-1 technology is equipped with a
new electronic system that immediately
activates the display’s rain icon as soon
as the first drops fall – Willy opens his
umbrella and the rain indicators appear
immediately on the display.
Cleaning the rainfall measurement
system is done in a flash. In no time at
all the funnel can be removed and
Especially advantageous is the ease with
which the new combi-sensor can be set
up in a different location at any time.
You never have to damage your outer
walls by drilling holes or climb up to
dangerous heights to install equipment.
The combi-sensor is completely pre-
assembled and internally cabled (safe
and protected). The approx. 2 m high
weatherproof steel mast is simply as-
sembled and inserted about 50 cm into
the ground wherever you want to place
With a suitable clip (not included in the
product package) it can also be mount-
ed on a balcony or similar location.
Changing the three required Mignon
batteries (supplied in the product pack-
age) is fast and easy without needing to
disassemble the sensor or use any tools.
Battery life is approx. 3 years.
ASH 220 sensor for
outdoor tempera-
ture and humidity
Battery operated
(2 x Mignon) for use
in dark and low-light
Meaurement range: -
19.9 – +79.9 ° C
• Resolution: 0.1 ° C
• Accuracy: ± 1 ° C
Humidity: Range:
20.0 to 99.9 % RH,
Resolution: 0.1 % RH,
Accuracy: ± 8 % Air pressure: Range:
300 - 1,200 HPa, Resolution: 1 HPa,
Accuracy: ± 1 HPa
Order no.: 17-429-93
New KS 300 combi-sensor
Weather Willy
Display examples:
Features of the WS 300 at a glance:
Radio transmission: 868 MHz radio transmission linking all sensors
Temperature: Up to 9 sensors can be connected, two temperature values are
shown concurrently, 1 indoor and 1 selectable outdoor temperature, resolu-
tion 0.1
C (
F), accuracy
C (
F); display unit:
C or
Cap, laughing face:
Temp. < 10
° C, no rain
5 %
Air pressure trend: Display using five arrows (rising, rising steeply, dropping,
steeply dropping, no change)
Air pressure history: Display using bar chart, up to 24-hour tracking
Rainfall : Range 0 to 999 mm (0 to 99,9 inch), display total since last reset, last
24 hrs. or 1 hr., display in mm, l/m 2 or inch, resolution < 0.3 mm
Wind speed: Display selectable as km/hr, m/s or mph, resolution 0.1 km/hr., wind
sock icon for light, moderate and strong wind
Sunrise and sunset: Selectable display of individual locations
Moon phase: Display of the current moon phase in four stages
Time & date: Quartz clock
Weather forecast: With weather icons: sunny, fair, cloudy, rainy, and Willy’s
choice of clothing
Extensive memory options: Min./max. values with time & date
Independent of mains power supply: Base station, 4 Mignon batteries; sensor,
3 Mignon batteries, battery life > 3 years (station and sensor)
Housing dimensions (W x H x D) : 160 x 220 x 35 mm (stand excluded)
Wind-blown scarf:
Wind > 10 km/hr., temp.: < 14
° C
Wind-blown hair, T-shirt,
Shorts, sunglasses:
Wind, temp. > 22
° C and
< 25
° C, low probability of
Crying face, long trousers, shoes,
sweater, jacket, scarf, cap, open
umbrella: Temp. < 10
Closed umbrella:
High probability of rain
F, dew point
(indoors) and windchill display (indoors/outdoors), comfort zone indicator for
indoor display
Relative humidity: Up to 9 sensors can be connected, two humidity values are
shown concurrently, resolution 1 %, accuracy
° C and > 0 ° C,
rain ("mucky weather")
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New components in the modular FS20 wireless control system for home
Range up to 100 m
Wireless control module for flush
The new FS20 SU, FS20 DU and FS20 S4U components
for flush installation provide fantastic opportunities
with which to combine your existing electrical
installations, including the switch series used, with the
mobile world of radio controlled FS systems. Easily
installed in standard flush sockets or lamp bases, they
enable the switching of ceiling lighting and other
appliances to be radio controlled. The advantage is that
the flush modules are concealed and can, therefore, be
retrofitted to any installation without being conspicuous.
868 MHz
Concealed radio
control installation
Simple installation in existing sockets and outlets
Compact design for direct installation in appliances
(e.g. lamps)
Existing wall switches serve as transmitters for addi-
tional switching and dimming functions
Switch functionality is fully retained
Dimming function available where previously only
switching was possible. The dimmer is equipped
with several operating modes: three timers are
available in addition to the normal switching and
dimming functions. Switch-off timer (e.g. for staircase
lighting), slow-on and slow-off timers, each for 1
sec. to 4.5 h.
Radio controlled dimmer for flush installation
Easy switching and dimming
Load range: 230 V/25-120 VA (max. 180 VA) with good
heat dissipation
Order No.: 17-562-04
Only 32 mm depth
FS20 S4U
2/4 channel flush transmitter
The alternative to surface radio controlled switches,
control through 2 or 4 standard installation switches.
Controls all FS20 receivers
Order No.: 17-562-10
FS20 radio control system
The complete range of all the FS20 switching and
control components are in the leaflet „Highlights
2003” on Page 5.
Radio switch for flush installation
Radio control switch for easily concealed installation.
For loads up to 16 A (230 VAC).
With switch-off timer (1 sec. to 4.5 hrs.)
Order No.: 17-562-07
FS20 STR - Wireless Heating/Cooling Control
Time and temperature controlled heating, cooling, ventilating - wireless!
Whether for radiant heater, air conditioner or ventilator,
the FS20 STR can switch all these units on and off
automatically via radio control as soon as the
temperature exceeds or drops below a value you have
This ensures you provide the right temperature for
your plants or pets automatically, even when you are
not at home. A simple command enables you to switch
as many FS20 system receivers you require
synchronously. In addition, the FS20 STR is provided
with timer functions with which up to 4 switching times
can be programmed separately for each single day of
the week.
Further features
• Pleasant temperature is the entire room as a result of
temperature compilation by the control unit – away
from heating or cooling units
• Holiday/Party functions for temporary temperature
changes, with automatic return to the initial program
• Particularly simple operation via menu control and
scrolling wheel
• Warning message when the battery is running down
(2 x round cells). Service life of battery approx. 2
• Key input lock to prevent inadvertent adjustment
• Automatic summer/winter time adjustment
• Controls all wireless switches in the FS20 system,
e.g. FS20 ST/SA/AS4 etc.
Range up to 100 m
868 MHz technology
Temperature range 6
C - 30
Order No.: 17-562-16
Switching hysteresis ± 0.2 to 2
607909643.046.png 607909643.047.png 607909643.048.png 607909643.049.png 607909643.050.png 607909643.051.png 607909643.052.png 607909643.053.png 607909643.054.png 607909643.055.png 607909643.057.png 607909643.058.png 607909643.059.png 607909643.060.png 607909643.061.png 607909643.062.png 607909643.063.png 607909643.064.png 607909643.065.png 607909643.066.png 607909643.068.png 607909643.069.png 607909643.070.png 607909643.071.png 607909643.072.png 607909643.073.png 607909643.074.png 607909643.075.png 607909643.076.png
Radio controlled motion detector
Switch on light or music automatically as soon as you
enter a room.
The FS20 PIRI provides numerous possibilities to
switch a whole range of units on and off via the FS20
The FS20 PIRI can control all
receivers in the FS20 wireless
control system, including the
• Fully wireless installation, radio switching command
• Complete area monitoring through corner installation
and blind spot protection
• 2-channel radio controlled motion detector (for
• Channels can be programmed fully independently
(brightness threshold switching direction, filter time,
switch-on duration for receiver, lamp brightness)
• Immediately operational through numerous pre-
programmed settings
• Mobile deployment due to battery operation. Service
life of batteries with typical use: up to 2 years!
FS20 radio control system
The complete range of all the FS20 switching and
control components are in the leaflet „Highlights
2003” on Page 5.
Technical data:
• Sensor properties can
be adjusted – range up
to 8 m, aperture angle
90 °
• Battery operation: 3 x
Mignon, AA (not part of
• Radio range up to 100 m
(free field)
Order No.: 17-562-13
FHT 80 b single room controller – no mains power or cables needed
System-capable and with additional radio door/window alarms
Pleasantly warm + energy-saving
This new type of radio controlled heating radiator
thermostat system offers several advantages as
compared to conventional thermostats. An individually
adaptable weekly program enables heating radiators to
be regulated in every room in a house according to
personal requirements and needs.
• Individually programmable day/week programs with
clear menu structures
• Simple operation, pre-programmed
• Thermostat can be removed from wall holder via
snap-in lock
• Modern design with large display, easy input/query
functions using the central scrolling wheel
• High level of efficiency through automatic reduction
of the heating temperature in rooms when opening a
window or door (e.g. patio doors)
• Up to 4 radio controlled door/window alarms per
room, additional or existing contacts can be connected
• Selection for single room regulation or integration in
the FHZ 1000 bidirectional, central radio control
• Max. heating comfort – min. energy consumption
• Thermostat separate from actuating drive, therefore,
no measured value falsification
(measures in room, not on heater!)
• No mains power or cables -> simple installation
• Controls up to 8 wireless heater thermostats
Radio controlled
door/window detectors FHT 8 TF
The magnetic contact can be mounted to the right or
left of the alarm. It is also possible to connect an
external switch (e.g. additional magnetic contact) and
to use its contact instead of an additional one. Each
change of status is signaled to the room controller.
Status indication
per digital display
Automatic temperature reduction
on opening a window
Electronic, radio controlled actuating
The system operated by battery power and radio
controlled transmission.
Therefore, there is absolutely no cable or power
connection necessary. Replacing the old valve head
with a new actuating drive is incredibly easy and can be
completed by people without any specific technical
training in just a few operations (no need to drain the
water from the radiators).
The adapter supplied ensures it is suitable for all
common radiator valves.
Please note:
The system cannot be operated with floor heating.
Further features:
• Individually programmable day and night programs
– separately for each weekday
• Holiday/Party function for temporary temperature
• Weekly limescale protection function prevents the
valve blocking
Frost protection function
• Key input lock to prevent inadvertent adjustment
Automatic summer/winter time adjustment
Set offer:
1 FHT 80b, 1 actuating drive, 1 FHT8 TF, batteries
Order No.: 17-545-65
Additional door/window alarms
FHT 80 TF incl. batteries
Order No.: 17-557-08
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Zgłoś jeśli naruszono regulamin