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Iroquois Dramatis Personae
Blue Jacket
In the decades since the Old World discovered the New World, various
conflicts have arisen between the various Old World peoples and the New World
Aboriginals. Sometimes the Aboriginals are used in conflicts between the Nations
of the Old World. From these conflicts, an Iroquois hero has arrived who vows to
defend his peoples’ way of life…
Blue Jacket, one of the greatest warriors produced by the Iroquois
Confederation, earned his name from the Blue Greatcoat given to him by Fritz
Holtzmann, a Marienburg Trader and friend of the Iroquois hero. Blue Jacket
feels the Marienburgers are only in the New World for trade and not colonization,
causing Blue Jacket to be a staunch ally of Marienburg. Blue Jacket served in the
Marienburger army during the Tilean and Iroquois War (called the Seven Years’
War in the Old World), and has fought numerous battles against the Tileans and
Reiklanders. The name Blue Jacket strikes fear in Tilea and Reikland, and has
been used to scare children in the Old World since news of his exploits came
back from the New World.
Since his last battle against the Reiklanders, Blue Jacket has vowed to go
to the Old World. There he plans to bring the Iroquois’ wrath to Tilea and
Reikland in an effort to prevent any further incursions into Iroquois land.
Hire Fee: 90 gold crowns to hire; +30 gold crowns upkeep cost.
May be Hired: Only Iroquois and Marienburgers may hire Blue Jacket
Rating: Blue Jacket increases a warband’s rating by +70 points.
Blue Jacket
5 4
Weapons/Armour: Blue Jacket is armed with a Handgun and two Tomahawks,
wears Light Armour, and carries a Medicine Bundle, which acts like a Lucky
Blue Jacket has the following skills: Dodge, Hunter, Lightning Reflexes, Master
of Blades, Nimble, Step Aside, Strike to Injure, and War Cry .
Enemies: Due to his years of fighting in the New World, Blue Jacket has a Hatred
for both Tileans and Reiklanders. Also, if a Reiklander warband was in the last
battle, Blue Jacket’s upkeep cost is 15 gold crowns for that game.
Allies: Blue Jacket will not fight Iroquois and Marienburger warbands, hired
swords, and dramatis personae. Blue Jacket will sit out a one-on-one fight
against Iroquois and Marienburg warbands (do not add Blue Jacket’s rating
increase, and do not pay an upkeep cost for that battle). If in a multi-warband
scenario, or against a side that has an Iroquois or Marienburger hired sword or
dramatis personae, Blue Jacket will not engage in combat with Iroquois or
Marienburgers, but he will defend himself if attacked, including shooting at an
Inezyan or Marienburger who fired upon him. If fired upon by an Iroquois or
Marienburger, Blue Jacket may charge the model that fired upon him.
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