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Kahar of the 13 - Skaven Master Assassin
Kahar of the 13 - Skaven Master Assassin
Kahar is the personal assassin of the Council of 13. He was born while a skaven army
was on the move, so he had to be left behind. He grew up living as an animal until a
group of Skaven Assassin Adepts found him. When the group found him their leader
tried to kill Kahar, but Kahar quickly ended his life. After he killed the assassin he
realized that he was a Skaven and he joined the group. After many years of traveling he
thought he might be able to take over the group. After he quickly defeated the new leader
it was found out that the Skaven he had just killed was in fact the Master Assassin of the
Council. Soon Kahar was brought before the Council and he was taken to their top secret
training facility where he learned new and mysterious skills. When warpstone was
discovered in Mordheim, the Council sent Kahar to
collect it and to make sure that the manthings didn't hurt the cause of the Horned Rat.
May Be Hired : By Skaven, Undead, and Possessed.
Rating : Kahar increases a warbands rating by 150 pts.
Hire Fee : 100gp to hire and 25gp for upkeep.
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Save
6 6 4 5 5 3 7 3 8 4+
Equipment: Hardened Leather, Arm Blades, Throwing Star Launcher
Arm Blades- Same as Fighting Claws except a +2 to save and a +2 to attacks
Throwing Star Launcher- Same as Throwing Star except a 12" range instead of 6"
Skills : Perfect Killer, Wyrdstone Hunter
Special Rules.
Miraculous Speed : extra unmodifiable 4+ save after normal save.
Time Shift : Kahar learned may skills from the Council.
One of these is the ability to shift his body in time. When he does this he becomes
invisible to othermodels as he has shifted his body to a different time plane.
When Kahar trys to time shift role a d6. On a 3 or above Kahar has managed to time
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