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Ulli & Marquand
New Dramatis Personae based on Gordon Rennie’s popular
characters from ye comic Warhammer Monthly beautifully brought to
life by the art of karl Kopinski and Paul Jeacock.
Written here by ye scribes of great Renown Space McQuirk
and Donato Ranzato for use with the exquisite models sculpted by
Mark Bedford.
Dramatis Personae
Listen well my brothers
to this, the true story.
A Pair of Rogues
Never in the history of the Empire have
there been such a villainous pair of rogues
as Marquand Volker and Ulli Leitpold. Once
brigands in a mercenary regiment
responsible for a long list of crimes, they
were caught by bounty hunters and enlisted
into the slave army of the Count of Stirland.
The pair escaped their captors on the
outskirts of Mordheim, City of the Damned,
a ruinous place where death and glory could
be found in equal measure. The infamous
bandits instantly recognised it as home.
Ulli and Marquand quickly developed a strong
rapport with the scum of Mordheim, a place
Inhabited by the corrupt and immoral outcasts
of society. Their martial prowess and ruthless
guile soon earned the nefarious partners in
crime a high degree of notoriety. As a result,
the less noble traders and prospectors of the
accursed city eagerly sought out the services of
these talented scoundrels.
But their assistance did not come without a
high price. Whilst the pair would consider any
task thrown their way for a mere handful of
gold coin, their loyalty was as fickle as the
winds of Chaos. They built up a reputation of
betraying employers and stabbing them in the
back for the sake of a single crown. They were
certainly not beyond using foul and despicable
tricks to save their own worthless hides or line
their own pockets.
What became of the despicable pair, none can
say but legends of their deeds can to this day
be heard in taverns throughout the Old World.
Each story is more outlandish than the next
but few ever doubt the truth behind these
fantastic tales.
Yes, behind those
two villainous rogues.
Ulli and Marquand,
the bane of many.
For the wise would do
well to avoid them.
But who amongst those of
the Cursed City can be
counted among the wise?
Dramatis Personae
Both Ulli and Marquand are new Dramatis
Personae as described on page 152 of the
Mordheim rulebook and follow all of the
standard rules therein. Unlike the other
Dramatis Personae Ulli, and Marquand are
mercenaries hired as a pair for one battle only,
you cannot hire only one of them.
Ulli & Marquand
May be Hired: any warband except Sisters of
Sigmar and Witch Hunters may hire these
Hire Fee: 30 Gold Crowns to hire as a pair.
Rating: Ulli and Marquand increase the
warband rating by +60 points.
Ulli Leitpold
Marquand’s sidekick and partner in crime.
Little is known about this huge framed
Middenheimer, apart from it is unwise to be
caught anywhere near the business end of his
massive warhammer! The tales tell that Ulli
Leitpold started out as a mercenary soldier,
often in the service of the armies of the Count
of Stirland, and that he was present at the
slaughter that ensued at the third siege of
Nuln. Life as a mercenary is presumably where
he derives his unthinking greed and cold
nature, no doubt. Ulli spent some time as a
bandit and thief and teamed up with
Marquand when they were captured by bounty
hunters and sentenced to live out their days in
the penal battalions of the Count of Stirland.
Neither as subtle or as flash as his Marienburg
colleague, Ulli prefers to use a combination of
brute force and low cunning to achieve his
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Ulli 4 4 4 4 3242 7
Weapons/Armour: Two-handed warhammer,
Light armour.
Skills: Strongman, Unstoppable charge,
Combat master.
Marquand Volker
Reputedly the son of wealthy Marienburg
merchants, what made Marquand embark on a
career as a gambler and then a mercenary and
assassin is unknown. What is known about this
apparent ‘fop’ is that his appearance belies his
true nature for he is quite deadly and entirely
devoid of any morals. Marquand personifies
Mordheim ‘The City of the Damned’ for he is
corrupt and rotten to the core – just like that
place he calls his ‘home’. An expert
swordsman and master of the throwing knife,
there are few who have crossed him and lived.
In the darkened corners of taverns, tales are
told in nervous whispers about this cold-
hearted killer’s reputation: that he killed his
first victim before he was ten; that he cut the
heart out of the Duke of Suddenland while the
Duke’s wife slept on beside him. His deadliest
foe is the Witch Hunter captain Gottlieb, ‘The
Flayer’, whose face Marquand horribly
disfigured whilst the erstwhile servant of
Sigmar was attempting to redeem Marquand
of his sins.
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Marquand 4 5 4 3 3252 8
Weapons/Armour: Sword, Light armour,
throwing knives.
Skills: Step aside, Knife Fighter, Lightning
These special rules apply to both Ulli and
Wanderers. See Aenur, the Sword of Twilight
Mordheim rulebook page 153.
A Fistful of Crowns: These guys will do
literally anything for money/wyrdstone and
have been known to change sides and stab
their former employers in the back for just a
308457128.006.png 308457128.007.png 308457128.001.png
Ulli & Marquand
few crowns. To represent this, opposing
player(s) may attempt to bribe the pair into
betraying their employers and changing sides.
At the start of the game, any player(s) wishing
to do this must secretly write down how much
he is willing to bribe them by (this must of
course be more than the pair’s starting hire
fee!). The controlling/employing player is
advised to secretly write down a counter bid at
the start of the game also. The bribing player
may then choose at the start of any of his turns
to attempt to bribe them (even if they are in
close combat!). If he does so he must reveal
the amount he has written down and if this is
more than the hire fee plus the amount the
controlling player has for his counter-bid, then
he gains control of the pair until the end of the
game. Only the player who has control of the
pair is forced to pay the additional amount so
that if the original controlling player loses
control of them through a bribe he doesn’t
have to pay the counter-bid.
Eg, Captain Steiner of the Averland Avengers
Warband has managed to find the duplicitous
pair when scouting the ruins. He pays them
their hire fee of 30 gold crowns and they agree
to join his warband for the next day’s
Wyrdstone hunting. Because Steiner is well
aware of his new ‘partners’ treacherous
reputation he keeps another 30 gold crowns
set aside in a pouch just in case.
Later that day, Steiner comes across the
warband of his arch rival, the Reiklander
Captain Albrecht ‘One Eye’. A fight ensues and
when Albrecht recognises Ulli and Marquand
(cutting a swathe through his men, no doubt!)
he yells out to them that he will pay them fifty
gold crowns if they change sides. Ulli and
Marquand ponder this for a moment and then
turn their weapons against the Averlanders.
At this point Steiner throws his pouch of 30
crowns at their feet (making a total of 60
crowns and beating Albrecht’s offer of 50)
and, after counting the gold, our lovable
rogues again turn their weapons towards the
hapless Albrecht, much to Steiner’s relief. Of
course things could have been a lot different!
For if Albrecht had bribed only 11 more
crowns, because with 61 he would have
beaten Steiner’s counter-bid and Ulli and
Marquand would have stabbed him in the
back (literally!) and changed sides.
This bribing business can of course get quite
interesting in multi-player games with different
players attempting to bribe at different times.
Whichever player succeeds in bribing, or if the
controlling player maintains control, they must
pay this extra amount.
Where’s the Money? These guys are not
likely to accept any poor excuses if a warband
cannot afford their extra pay. In the event that
a player cannot pay the extra either in crowns
or Wyrdstone (The warband should sell any
Wyrdstone necessary in order to pay the hire
or bribe) the pair will deprive the warband of
an equal amount in equipment (based on
market price). Failing this, they will take out
their anger on the warband leader –
immediately play a close combat with the pair
versus the warband leader on his own and to
the death!
Inseparable: These guys are like brothers
(very nasty, unpleasant brothers!) and are
totally inseparable. They must be hired as a
pair and must remain within 8" of each other.
In the event that one is taken Out of Action,
the other will attempt to drag him off of the
battlefield and to safety.
In a campaign, if one member of the
partnership retires then the other will retire.
Ulli & Marquand
T he bolt whistled mere inches past Ulli’s ear.
Ducking back behind a pile of rubble he looked
across to the other side of the street.
“Marquand, those shots are getting too close for my
liking. What did the wizard want that this madman
thinks is so worthwhile defending, and why did I have
to hide in the privy whilst you arranged the deal.”
“I just needed a small distraction my friend, thank
you for obliging. You know I never miss my mark!”
Marquand drew his fine blade from its scabbard.
“Now if you’d be so kind as to make good use of
that hammer of yours to break down the door, we’ll
see off the remaining guards and take that book to
the market.”
A puzzled look crossed Ulli’s face, “I thought we
were to give it to the wizard!” he shouted, charging
easily through the thick, but rotten door, and bringing
his hammer into the midriff of a surprised Averlander
From the broken frame of a window, the
flamboyantly dressed Marquand called back to his
“It’s a book Ulli, now do me a favour and tell me
when you see the crossbowman again.”
Marquand quickly followed his companion, thrusting
with lightning speed at two opponents with his sword.
“We were, but think how much this thing will fetch
on the open market. Besides, I’ll let the old man know
of the sale of his precious tome and he is welcome
to try and bid for it. But I have a sneaky suspicion
that there will be some competition in the auction, I
foresee a mystery trader raising the bid a little before
letting the wizard buy his precious book.” A whirl of
steel was the last sight Marquand’s unfortunate
opponent witnessed before falling to the floor,
bleeding from multiple wounds.
Ulli smiled as he finished off the winded Averlander,
crushing his skull with a mighty blow of his
Ulli raised his head cautiously above the cover of a
large chunk of stone.
“It had better be a damn good story, that’s all I can
say,” the broad chested Middenheimer shouted back
to his comrade, as another bolt flew through the air,
slicing through Ulli’s topknot harmlessly.
“If you think I’m risking my neck like that again
Marquand you’re sadly mistaken.” Ulli growled at his
“No need Ulli, it’s safe, you can stop cowering behind
that stone now.”
Standing up Ulli spied the marksman’s body draped
from a window on the second floor of a ruined
townhouse. Blood trickled down the wall from a
wound in the man’s side from where a small dagger
“You know, my father always told me that books, not
fighting, was the best way to make my fortune.
Perhaps he was right after all.”
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