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Different warbands set up camps in and around Mordheim. Mercs and Witchhunters tend
to set up camps with tents and crude barriers outside of town or find a tavern and take it
over. The undead and possessed tend to be a little less scrupulous and take up residence
in abandoned buildings or graveyards located in town. The Sisters have their monastery
and a number of " safe houses " (** for some mysterious reason still standing after the
cataclysm **) scattered throughout Mordheim. The skaven of course tend to stay to the
sewers , but have found that old cisterns and basements are a great place to stash their
There are three major settlements around Mordheim. The safest is Sigmarhaven, the next
safest is Brigandsburg (if you can call it safe) and the most infamous is Cutthroat’s Den.
Each of these settlements has markets and traders in them. They tend to be made up of
smaller encampments of the different adventurers who arrive to search Mordheim.
Sigmarhaven is relatively safe with a guard that keeps watch ( the Watch Stats at
bottom of list ) . The Sisters have a monastery there and Marienburgers abound. Witch
hunters are also a common site and Reiklanders set up camps just outside of town. Rarely
do Middenheimers make camp here. Any of these groups may supplement their income
by taking over city watch for day. They get to keep the peace and gain 30gc for their
trouble. But if they are unfair they may get revenge from the warband they were unfair to
when it is their turn to take the watch.
Brigandsburg tends to house the more unsavory characters. Middenheimers abound here
as do Witch Hunters. Some Reiklanders set up camp here and very few Marienburgers
(after all it is too filthy for them). The Sisters have a presence here but it is only a safe
house . Possessed are a rare site but do appear at times. Here you will find the most hired
swords. If hired out of Brigandsburg they are hired at ¾ cost but their upkeep is the same.
Cutthroat’s Haven is a den of villainy and evil. Possessed walking the streets is a
common site, as are undead and even Skaven. Fights break out routinely and only the
most daring or stupid of merchants sell there wares here. It is said, "Anything can be
bought for a price in the Cutthroat’s Haven". All goods are at a +2 to find but cost price
and a half what they would normally.
There are other settlements around. Some just a warbands camp others small villages.
The different bands can be found in all the settlements some are just more common than
others are. Warbands may form encampments in and around these settlements. All
warbands start with an encampment.
Encampments let you have a relatively safe place to store your goods and rest between
adventures. They also give you a place to hang your sword, park your opulent coach and
keep extra hired hands and hench men. Each warband that arrives in Mordheim finds
some where to set up camp. Some find ruins, some bring tents, Skaven have their sewers
and Sisters their safe houses.
When you decide to make a permanent encampment, it costs your band 10 gold per
person you wish to house (above your starting warband), up to a maximum of 35 people.
The encampment costs 30GC upkeep each turn. Undead and possessed have to sacrifice 1
person each game and pay 20gc for upkeep. You may only take the maximum for your
warband type into Mordheim. You may add 2 more heroes or 2 more champions to your
warband size (or one of each) but may not take more than your maximum when exploring
the city. The rest of the band is made up of henchmen and hired swords. When you hire
any models above your racial limit you must pay an extra 15 gold per person to build
extra housing for them. If you don’t pay for extra housing you will not be able to house
all your warriors and if you do not have enough space in your encampment to house all of
your warriors they tend to get jealous and disheartened. For the undead they start to decay
faster. Decide which warriors must stay out in the cold streets of Mordheim. Each game
they are designated to stay out in the cold roll a D6. On a 1 they abandon the band and
look elsewhere for shelter, unless they are undead then they fall apart due to decay.
Choose which warriors will be left in the cold before any battles are fought.
Permanent Camp Types
You don’t have to purchase one of these camps to stay in and can upgrade your free camp
as well as the ones listed below with Encampment Additions. The upkeep fee is in
addition to the regular upkeep fee for encampments. Camps may be bought or put in any
of the settlements of the players choosing (even outside in the country). But once you
decide it is set. No moving around unless you purchase a new camp.
Tents – cost free per rules
May add on Encampment Additions
Ruins – cost free per rules
May add on Encampment Additions
SafeHouse – cost free per rules (only Sisters of Mercy)
This is a house in one of the settlements or Mordheim itself.
May add on Encampment Additions
Tavern – cost 200gc upkeep 30gc
You have gotten your warband a deed to a Tavern. You get to earn extra cash for renting
out rooms and selling food, but have become more noticeable as a warband.
2d6x5 gc every 2 games
5+ have to defend your hold
Farm – cost 50gc upkeep 10gc
In your meandering you have found a deserted farm. Your warband may work it to earn
some extra cash but for each man that works it they can’t explore Mordheim the next
D3gc for everyman that works the farm
Graveyard – cost 50 gc upkeep sacrifice 1 creature
You have found a graveyard to your liking. With nice mausoleums and plenty of corpses.
After every game 2 models that were not in Mordheim may dig up corpses. Roll 2d6, if 9
or above you have dug up some fine corpses. Subtract the number above 9 rolled from 12
to find out how many you found. (Von Stir rolls a 10 he subtracts it from 12; 12-10=2; he
has found 2 corpses) These corpses may become zombies for your army. On a roll of
doubles the grave has collapsed on the diggers. Roll on the serious injury charts (treat like
they had been taken OOA). If it is two 6’s you still get the 3 corpses.
Sewer – Cost 25 gc upkeep 10 gc
You have found a lovely section of sewer to set up camp in. It even has some nice tunnels
running off of it to who knows where. The sewer allows the player to set up using
infiltration rules with 2 of his people.
Roll a d6 for each person staying here on a 1 they are sick and can’t fight in the next
game. Skaven will get ill only on a roll of 12 on 2D6. Undead are unaffected.
Church – Cost 100 gc upkeep 20 gc
You have set up a church to put out the evil mark of Chaos.
Every game one vile of Holy water
Roll a d6 every other game on a 5+ you have to defend against Undead, or possessed.
When selling Wyrdstone, even if you take less than 16+ warriors to Mordheim, you roll
on the 16+ table to determine how much you can sell the wyrdstone for (unless your
entire band is under 16 people, including people in the camp) ...you do, after all, have a
large warband to feed. On the plus side you can send out to scavenge around the city. For
every two models you decide to send scavenging you find D6 gold.
You can add a kennel to keep your dogs and a stable for your horses. To add either of
these you must have a beast master. A kennel cost 15gc and 5gc to upkeep. A stable costs
30gc and 5gc per horse and 10gc per war-horse to upkeep (grain ain’t cheap). The
advantage of having these additions is that they cause your animals to be a bit more loyal
and better trained to attack. The animals will gain a +1 to their leadership and a +1 to
their WS (a kennel gives dogs this bonus and a stable, horses).
Warriors may not carry around the warband's gold or wyrdstone (except in scenario
situations). You may keep as much gold and wyrdstone in your encampment as you wish.
However, when you reach over 2000gc or 20 wyrdstone shards at your encampment
rumors star to spread. For every 100gc above 2000 or 5 wyrdstone shards above 20 roll a
d6 on the roll of a 6 your next battle must be Defend the Find (scenario 1). But at the end
(if the attacker wins) instead of finding the wyrdstone roll 4d6x100 to see how much gold
they found and 3d6 for wyrdstone.
When defending your encampment you are at an advantage. After all you don't want to
lose it all.
Hatred, Immune to Fear
Can not be routed except voluntarily - But then you must have lost half of your war band
or be out numbered 2-1 All the warband that wasn't sent in search of treasure or played in
the last game may be used to defend. Members who are "out of action" for several games
can be placed by a terrain feature. They have 1/2M, -1WS, -1BS, -1S. The defender may
set up the scenery for the scenario, as they are likely to have cleared the area to suit their
defense purposes. Ladders and barriers must be bought for the encampment to be used in
a game. The ladders/barriers last until destroyed.
None of the warband must take an All Alone test, since they are in their own
encampment and believe a comrade to be near by. As long as a model stays within the
encampment's boundaries, they may use the Leader's Ld value to roll for tests - regardless
of the distance of the Leader.
One Henchmen group may be set up Hidden at the beginning of the game.
Encampment Additions
The people listed below advance as henchmen (yes they may receive lads got talent). If
they move up they are loyal to the band and no longer have an upkeep cost.
Cost/Upkeep 60/15
A surgeon will reduce the number of games missed by a character or hero by D3. If you
roll a serious injury on the serious injury chart roll a d6 on a 1 you have made a full
recovery. He also has contacts to procure drugs and potions more easily and cheaply. You
can buy drugs at ¾ the price and get a +1 to your die roll when searching for them.
4 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 6
Equipment: Daggers, Drugs
Cost/Upkeep 15/5
A cartographer will help the band with their exploration. He allows the band one reroll
per exploration. However, you may not reroll a die that has been rerolled for some other
4 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 6
Equipment: Map tubes (act as clubs), Staff, Dagger
Surgeon, Cartographer Skill List: Academic
Cost/Upkeep 60/15
A smithy is a black smith, someone who works metals into items that are useful. They are
highly prized and often guarded, as well as the warband's Wyrdstone stash is.
4 2 2 4 4 1 3 1 6
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