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At the Mouth of Madness
By Donato Ranzato, Xhilipepa, David Stillberg, Harlock, Rinku and Simon Jones
Edited by Brahm Tazoul, customized as House Rules for the Missionheim League. Changes to original format
have been marked *
"Run, Damn it!" Deron von Juntz stood shouting at his companions, the writhing Darkness
before him. His hand held his rusty sword tightly, white knuckles on black leather.
A tentacle thrust from the mass and coiled tightly about his ankle. His helmet fell from his
head as he was pulled to the muddy street.
The Moderator shook his head.
"You failed your Fear test and therefore Deron receives one Insanity Point." Deron's sanity
had been damaged before, and he was already bordering on a nervous breakdown.
A Leadership test was made: 11
Deron's eyes gleamed bright with tears. His howling was the last thing his companions
heard as they fled screaming back through the street they came from. The twisting moistness
was around his hand now, his neck, his face. In the pit of his mind he knew that he should
struggle, to break loose from the embrace. But he could do nothing but scream.
³Roll on the Temporary Insanity table," said the Moderator. The dice hits the table. "You
rolled a 6. This one's for real."
Deron felt like he was already dead. It was under his clothes now, pulsing and cold. His
muscles were reacting violently with jarring spasms..
Another roll was made and came to a rest: a 12.
Something inside him... snapped.
"Deron's gone now," said the Moderator.
The others were back at their camp,cursing and swearing. The realization of their
companion's fate chilled them to the bone.
Mordheim isn't only known as the City of the Damned, but also as the Mouth of Madness for
all who pass through the city gates surrender their sanity. The city's twisting nature leaves
nothing un-changed.
One of the things lacking in the Mordheim rulebook are rules to simulate the deteriorating
effects the city has on the minds of its inhabitants. From the background stories in the
rulebook one gets the feeling that madness and insanity are common ocurances in the City
of the Damned but strangely there are no rules for this in the rulebook. There are some
results on the Serious Injury table that reflect this but these results do no justice to
the utter madness that is Mordheim. Just imagine yourself walking through a city were
mutations, monsters and insane warriors run rife. A fighter can hardly sleep at night as
he hears all kinds of inhuman screams and growls echoing in the distance. Everyday a
fighter has to live with the idea that this day there is a good chance that he will get killed,
tortured, or at best maimed. And not just by other humans but by Daemon-possessed
madmen, zombies, vampires, skaven and all sorts of other terrible monsters. Almost any
fighter will go mad if he stays long enough in Mordheim.
So, a couple of already insane Mordheim players started writing some optional rules to
introduce the concepts of madness and insanity in our Mordheim games. After much
discussion and play-testing on the Mordheim Egroups mailing-list we have come up with
some nice rules that hopefully will add a lot of fun and atmosphere to your Mordheim
The Insanity rules are created to see how a fighter is able to deal with the terror and
strangeness of his stay in Mordheim, and failure can mean bouts of uncontrollable fear,
the development of phobias, or even complete madness.
Insanity Points (IP) are gained by:
+1 Insanity Point - Failing a Fear or Terror test.
+1 Insanity Point - Casting a Necromantic or Chaotic spell
+1 Insanity Point - Getting a Critical wound
+1 Insanity Point - Getting poisoned/Taking drugs (e.g. getting wounded by weeping
+D3 Insanity Points - Getting the "Madness" result on the Serious Injury table.
+1 Insanity Point - Getting the "Nervous Condition" result on the Serious Injury table.
For each hero the normal experience track is used but in reverse to keep track of that
fighter's Insanity Points (IP). This signifies that a fighter starts as normal, and it takes a long
time for the madness to set in - but once it does, it's a roller coaster ride from there on in.
When a fighter fills up the track, he must retire because he is too insane to continue.
Heroes start at the reverse end of the experience track minus the experience points that
they already have accumulated. This represents that the more experienced the hero the
more likely he is to suffer that final event that moves him over the edge. It is advised that
people use two different colored pencils to keep track of the different points on the same
Each time an IP is earned you will need to mark it off in the same way as experience. When
a new level is reached that fighter must immediately make a LD test. A successful LD test
means that the fighter is able to think through the horror and keep control of himself. If the
fighter fails the LD test he must roll on the Insanity Table (see below) to determine the type
and duration of insanity the fighter gets. Failing the LD test can mean several things. The
fighter can freeze up and stare or fall to the floor and roll into the fetal position. Yet another
is to be cursed with a permanent or temporary phobia.
Optional rule - A roll on the Insanity table when hiring a new Hero grants him some
advantages. Adding an extra point to a characteristic (up to the maximum for that race)
cost three rolls on the Insanity table when the warband is generated. These results are all
indefinite insanities. If the result of this at any time is 12 that fighter is lost and the points for
that fighter were spent for nothing.
IMMUNITY: (*modified by Brahm Tazoul)
Many societies and races are incapable of being twisted any more than they are because
they are either already completely insane or their racial mind-set finds Mordheim and it's
terrors somehow more acceptable. The following conditions render the insanity rules
- Immune to Psychology
- Members of orc & goblin, skaven, beastmen, undead, or possessed warbands
- Hired Swords are so hardened to the terrors around them that they never gain IP's.
The following troop types from the above mentioned warbands will gain IP's but the amount
of IP's gained is halved (e.g. for every two IP that fighter gets, a player only marks one box
on the experience chart):
- Dregs
- Necromancer
- Magister
- Cultists
Each time a new Insanity level is reached you will need to roll first on the Temporary Insanity
table and then on the Insanity table to determine the type and duration of insanity that fighter
suffers from.
1. Temporary Insanity Table
Roll a D6 Length of Insanity
1 1D6 Turns
2-3 This battle
4-5 This battle and the next battle.
6 Indefinite Insanity
2. Insanity Table (2D6)
All results are unique and if you roll a result twice then roll again on this table until you roll a
new type of insanity.
Roll 2D6 Result
2 Catatonia
The fighter falls to the floor and rolls into the fetal position. Treat as Stupidity where the
fighter has automatically failed his LD test.
3 Amnesia
Fighter forgets/loses D3 Random skills
4 Panzaism/Quixotism
Roll a D6
1-3 Panzaism - Immune to Fear and Terror as he sees all things (even supernatural) things
as ordinary.
4-6 Quixotism - The fighter sees everything and everyone as supernatural threats. Treat as
Frenzy where the fighter has automatically failed his LD test.
5 Paranoia
The fighter is always on edge and thinks someone is out to get him. he may not run but may
charge into combat as normal. He will always hit first in combat unless he is carrying a double
handed weapon.
6 Phobia
The fighter is cursed with a permanent or temporary phobia. Roll a D6
1. Claustrophobia - The Fighter must take a Fear test to enter a building
2. Fear of Heights - The fighter must take a Fear test each turn he is on a higher floor or area
3. Fear of Rats -Skaven and Giant Rats inspire Fear in that fighter.
4. Fear of Open Places - the fighter must take a Fear test to cross a street or square. The
fighter must stay within 2" of a building or wall.
5. Fear of People - Humans scare the fighter. If there are any humans within 4" of the
fighter he must take an immediate All Alone test.
6. Fear of Sharp Things - Fighters armed with a sword, spear, etc inspire Fear in the fighter.
7 Alcohol Addiction
The fighter drowns his fears by consuming large amounts of alcohol. For as longs as this
result lasts the fighter suffers from effects of a binge and is at -1WS -1BS and -1I.
8 Megalomania
The fighter may not end his movement phase behind an obstacle or in hiding. The fighter is
immune to All Alone tests. In addition, if the fighter is the leader of the warband he cannot
take a voluntary rout test for as long as this result lasts.
9 Nightmares
Use results from the ' Pool of Dreams' Random Event.
10 Criminal Psychosis
The fighter gains Hatred against: (Roll a D6)
1 Skaven
2 Undead
3 Possessed
4 Elves
5 Dwarves
6 Humans
11 Multiple Personalities (*modified by Brahm Tazoul)
The fighter thinks he is a: (Roll a D6)
1-2 Skaven
3 Wizard
4-5 Dwarf
6 Elf
As long as he suffers MP use the average stats for a member of that race instead of the
fighter's normal stats. The player should play the insane fighter in character. If a player rolls
the Wizard result that player must roll on the Lesser Magic chart to see which spell he gets.
In each shooting phase that fighter must try to cast that spell.If successful, he thinks it works
although nothing happens (a bit of role-playing for this is necessary).
12 Completely Bonkers
Remove fighter from roster. His fragile mind can no longer bear the horror that is Mordheim.
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