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Mordheim: Limiting Wizards
Mordheim: Limiting Wizards
If you feel that Wizards are too powerful in Mordheim they can be limited by randomly
determining if they are around for the battle. This short little table was inspired by Mark
Phelans table for hiring and paying for the Wizard during the campaign. Before each
battle roll a D6 and consult the table, add +1 if you won last fight or substract -1 if you
lost last fight. Note that if the Wizard is the leader of the Warband you do not need to roll
on the table.
D6 Result
0 "Bog Off" <followed by a magical middle finger gesture>
The Wizard is disapointed with your leadership and his fee and leaves the Warband to search for Wyrdstone
on his own, he will return after D3 battles though.
1-2 "Come back next week"
The wizard is busy doing what he claim is "wizards stuff", he will not be available for this battle.
3-4 "How Much?"
The wizard wants to discuss his fee, you must immediately pay 10% of his cost or he will not be available in
this battle. If you do not use a loot system then roll a D6, on the roll of 4+ the wizard is available for this
battle otherwise not.
5-7 "Oh all right then"
The wizard decides that he can spare the time from his important "wizards stuff" and joins the battle.
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