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Its not a coincidence that Mordheim attracts the worst kind of people society produces;
mercenaries, renegades, escaped prisoners, insane wizards, thieves and other scum. All of
them seeking fortune and gold in the City of the Damned. The Local Authorities are
worried and keep a close watch on who enters and leaves this city, and not without good
reason. To maintain some resemblance of order in Mordheim the authorities use
Watchmen. These groups of Watchmen consists mostly of the strongest (and often worst)
warbands in the City. You didn't think any of the local authorities would set one step in
this cursed city now did you?
After every fight between warbands there's always a chance that a warband will be
declared "outlaw" by the authorities. A warband may not have committed any crime at all
and be outlawed anyway. Just because they have been falsely acccused by someone who's
scared of them or just jealous of their reputation. But it is far more likely a warband
becomes outlawed because it has broken the law and just had the misfortune to be caught
and punished.
Whenever two warbands fight either player can decide to report the incident to the
Watchmen afterwards. This accusation may cause the other warband to be outlawed.
There is nothing to prevent both players reporting to the Watchmen; indeed such counter-
allegations are very common. Naturally outlawed warbands can't report to the Watchmen
as they would be shot on sight.
In the Post Battle Sequence each accused player must roll 2D6 to see whether accusations
against his warband come to the attention of the authorities. Its possible for both
warbands to become outlawed this way.
Outlaw Table
2 OUTLAWED! Time to watch out for bounty hunters
3-11 CLEAN. You're clean citizen, now move along.
DEPUTISED. The authorities are so impressed by your law-abiding manner that
you are asked to become Watchmen and help keep peace and order in Mordheim.
If you accept you gain an income bonus of 25 GC each time you play against an
outlawed warband. Use something to show you are Watchmen (a sheriff's star is
appropiate). You can stop being Watchmen at any time by handing in your
-1 If the game you just played was an ambush and you were attacking.
If the game you just played you killed every single model of the opposing
-1 For each renegade wizard in your warband.
+1 If your warband fought between 5-10 scenario's.
+2 If your warband fought 10 scenario's or more.
Sigmarite priests or Watchmen) in the game you just played.
+1 If none of the modifiers given above have ever applied to your warband.
Being an outlaw
Being an outlaw makes things very difficult. For one thing the income the warband
collects after a scenario is halved. But the worst thing of being an outlaw is....
Outlaws are generally worth a bounty, dead or alive - that's why there are bounty hunters,
after all. Any warband which captures or kills an outlaw can collect a reward on them
from the authorities. The standard going rate for a bounty is equal to the captured or
deceased outlaw's total cost.
Naturally outlaws can't collect bounty on other outlaws, more because they would be
killed or captured than for ethical reasons.
-3 If you attacked any official authorities (E.g. Reiksguard, Templars, Inquisition,
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