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Soul Deep
An Ellora’s Cave Publication, October 2004
Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales
is purely coincidental. They are productions of the authors’ imagination and used fictitiously.
Edited by Sue-Ellen Gower.
Cover art by Syneca .
The following material contains graphic sexual content meant for mature readers. Soul Deep has been
rated E–rotic by a minimum of three independent reviewers.
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Lora Leigh
To the readers!
For all your emails, your encouragement and support
This one is for all of you!
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Soul Deep
Chapter One
Word received from the Feline Breed compound reports that Major Dash Sinclair of the
United States Army has tested positive as a Wolf Breed. Major Sinclair is the first known Wolf
Breed to survive the extermination when word first broke of their creation a year ago.
American Military and Science communities are quick to assure the press and government
alike that there could be very few of these missing Breeds, and that the odds of such escape were
so astronomical at the time, that if there were others, it would indeed be a miracle.
Labs around the world that were creating and raising the Wolf Breed soldiers, eradicated
their creations on executive order of the head of the Genetics Council, none other than former
Vice President, Douglas Finnell. Investigations into the Council members through computers
and records seized during a coordinated strike against discovered labs revealed a cruelty and
complete lack of human morality in the creation and training of these unique individuals. The
atrocities performed by the Genetics Council, their guards and scientists has been labeled by
many as one of the most horrific crimes committed against living beings.
Operation Indifference was a major strike that crossed international boundaries and borders,
and threw light on the depth of moral depravity that created, trained and murdered men women
and children who were being trained as killers and advanced soldiers to use against the general
population in coming years. A private army that would know no mercy.
But as scientists around the world are now claiming, the Breeds rescued from the
concentration camp-like conditions are showing an instinctive, pre-selective inner honor, or law
of nature. Records and training logs clearly prove that the Genetics Council was failing in their
directive. They created the perfect soldier, but one who refused to kill innocents, and one who
would, in the face of great pain, uphold the personal honor that had somehow been established. In
all Breeds but one. The Coyote Breeds. Jailors, in some cases trainers and executors, the Coyote
was the Council’s eventual triumph, some sources report.
Unfortunately, as Operation Indifference commenced and these heavily fortified labs were
attacked, their creations were slaughtered; men, women and children murdered to prevent the
freedom of these unique, genetically altered humans.
Major Sinclair’s story of escape from the compound at a mere ten years of age, and his
subsequent journey through social services as an orphan and ward of the state has raised many
questions about the survival of other hidden Breeds, though. Breeds who escaped the initial
destruction through sheer determination and luck.
The Genetics Council was dismantled with the help of Merinus Tyler, wife and proclaimed
mate to Callan Lyons, leader of the Feline Breeds who escaped from a New Mexico compound
more than a decade ago. Since revealing themselves to the world, the Feline Breeds have worked
exclusively, around the world, towards finding those of their brethren still being held captive in
the labs that created them. Smaller, secretive labs that still work to perfect the genetic selection
that will create the bloodthirsty, logical, cold-blooded killers the Council sought.
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