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Evangeline Anderson
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Chapter 1
Sayana Nakamura knocked on the shabby door, her slim white knuckles making
a dull thump against the rotten wood. She shifted from foot to foot as she waited. The
shuffling footsteps she heard inside seemed to move very slowly. Above her head, in
Sayana looked away from the sign with a sick feeling of disgust in the pit of her
stomach. So this was what she had come to -- she, Sayana Nakamura of one of the great
families of Kanasum, was reduced to begging for a place in a house of blossoms. And
not just any house -- the least reputable in town. For no other would have a girl whose
family carried a taint. She knocked again, wanting to get this shameful task over with.
So at least she would be allowed to sleep late every day if she was taken into this
house. Sayana suppressed the urge to laugh hysterically by biting the inside of her
bottom lip. She once had a suitor compose a poem about her lips -- as‘fulland tender as
he read the suggestive lines and hidden her face behind her stiff white fan.
If the Heavens had smiled on her, she might have been planning her joining
ceremony to the young man who had written the poem instead of standing on the
sagging front porch of the blossom house, waiting to beg entrance to a life the lowliest
servant might scorn. But there was no time for such regrets -- at last the door was
opening. Sayana hurried to pull the hood of her cloak forward, keeping her face in
4 -
“Yes?”womanwithuntidygray-blue hair stood in the doorway, pulling a
stained silk wrap tight over her drooping breasts.
glued to the roof of her mouth.
you, fine lady? We do not receive female clients at this house and none of my girls
wishes to leave in order to wash your dirty dishes for a pittance of what they make
Sayana lifted her chin. She had come to do a difficult thing and it must be done.
although all her trainingforbadeit“Ihavecometoseekemploymentmyself,”shesaid
said at last. She did as the woman asked, freeing her long hair but keeping her head
bent modestly low. She studied the small rounded points of her slippers poking out
from under the hem of her gown as she waited.
great families”
Sayana nodded, still keeping her head low. Only those of the oldest and greatest
families on Kanasum had the famous indigo hair, so blue it was almost black. When it
was unbound, it ran like a river over her slender shoulders and down past her knees,
the color of the sky just before night falls and drowns the world in darkness.
eh?”the madam asked blandly.
5 -
Sayana had a brief, fierce struggle with herself before she was able to overcome her
training and step forward, holding the door open with one petite slipper.
“llrightthen”Grudgingly,she opened the door and Sayana passed by her into
madam said, leading her deeper into the shadowy recesses. The wooden floors were
dry and dull, and the coarse tan paper that separated the tiny rooms was ripped in
places and had been haphazardly repaired using cheap tape.
yearsofgoodbreedingrisingtoherlipswhenthetruthwasshedidn’twant to eat or
drink anything in such a filthy place. But if she was taken on here she would have no
choice, so she might as well get used to it.
They settled onto woven mats, thick with ingrained dirt, in a small room where a
pot of tea steamed over a brazier in the corner. The madam of the house poured the hot
liquid into two chipped cups. Then, after what appeared to be a moment of
deliberation, she dug into a tin of biscuits that was half hidden behind the brazier and
handed one to Sayana along with her tea.
the poor quality tea. She wanted to nibble the dry, stale biscuit as well, but when she
brought it to her lips, her hunger overcame her. She had not eaten in three days and her
stomach growled angrily. Before she knew it, half the biscuit was gone. Then she made
herself stop, although she felt she could have eaten a thousand such biscuits before her
raging appetite was satisfied.
gray color of her hair. There was an expression of doubtful wonder on her seamed face,
as though she had never seen a girl of one of the great families gobbling biscuits like a
6 -
but kept her eyes on her teacup, cradled in the palm of her hand.
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