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The onboard computer offers you an array of functions designed to foster safety
while simultaneously enhancing your driving pleasure.
The GPS navigation system frees you from the burden of reading maps or looking
for road signs. It will guide you to any destination recorded on your map CD/DVD.
The radio, with its superb reception quality, joins the cassette and CD players in
providing optimal sound to satisfy every taste while serving up entertainment to
make every trip seem short.
The computer calculates vital operating data – including average fuel consumption,
cruising range on the remaining fuel and the estimated time of arrival. It provides
additional safety before driving – for example, with entry of a code number for the
engine immobilizer – and during driving – for example, with an acoustic warning
tone so that you do not drive faster than you intend to.
We wish you an enjoyable driving experience.
The onboard computer at a
To activate the system
Address book
Safety 22
GPS 22
Map CD/DVD 22
Starting GPS navigation 23
Creating address book 39
Selecting an address 40
Deleting an address 40
The radio controls at a
Functions at a glance 12
Screen displays at a glance 14
Control concept 16
Explanation of function
Additional functions
Selecting a destination
Current position 41
Wordmatch principle 42
Selection options 23
Destination entry 23
Manual destination entry 24
Map-supported destination
selection 27
Selecting destination in
information 29
Recent destinations 30
Returning to the starting
point 31
Selecting route 32
Safety notice 19
What to do if ... 43
Destination guidance system
© 2002 Bayerische Motoren Werke
Starting the destination guid-
ance system 33
Displaying route 34
Changing route 36
Voice messages 37
Continuing guidance 38
Terminating/interrupting active
guidance 38
Reprinting, including excerpts, only with the
written consent of BMW AG, Munich.
Order no. 01 41 0 157 006
Printed on environmentally friendly paper –
bleached without chlorine, suitable for recycling.
3 n
Radio controls
Everything from A to Z 76
Switching radio on and off 46
Varying volume 46
Tone control 47
Starting computer 64
Range 64
Outside temperature 64
Time of arrival 65
Fuel consumption 65
Average speed 65
Speed limit 66
Distance 67
Stopwatch 68
Remote control 68
Radio reception
Selecting the frequency band 48
Selecting radio stations 48
Program type (PTY) 51
Storing radio stations 52
Calling up a station 53
Playing recorded media
Starting and stopping the
cassette 54
Mode displays 54
Noise suppression 55
Music track search 55
CD changer 56
Starting and stopping the CD 57
Mode displays 58
Using the buttons to search for
music tracks 58
Menu-guided track search 59
Choosing and activating
code 69
Deactivating code 70
Auxiliary ventilation
Setting timer 71
Switching direct mode on/off 72
DSP sound system
Switching on and off 61
Selecting sound pattern 61
Individual tone control
memory 62
Calling up tone control
memory 62
Notes on the Owner's Manual
information on how you can use the
computer to calculate various data
related to vehicle operation in the
"Computer" chapter.
This chapter also contains informa-
tion on the engine immobilizer code
and the settings for the auxiliary heat-
A separate manual has also been
provided for the "Emergency"
To start using your onboard computer
right away, consult the overview of con-
trols and displays and the concise
operating instructions in the first
A list explaining all of the abbreviations
that appear on the computer screen
can be found in the glossary at the end
of the manual.
Should the day arrive when you wish to
sell your BMW, please remember to
hand this Owner's Manual to the next
owner – it is an important part of the
In addition, you will find
The fastest way to find information on
any specific topic is by turning to the
all the essentials you will need to
adjust the screen and care for your
computer in the "Overview" chapter
all information on using the GPS nav-
igation system in the "Navigation"
Because the control options for
the mobile phone also include
provisions for using it without the
onboard computer, the operating
instructions have been compiled in a
separate manual.
all the essentials on radio use and
broadcast reception, combined with
instructions on how to use the cas-
sette and compact disc
Information on care
(CD) players
in the "Entertainment" chapter.
For complete information on the care of
cassettes, CDs, DVDs and the device,
please refer to the caring for your
vehicle brochure.
chapter also contains information on
the "Digital Sound Processing
(DSP)" sound system
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