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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
King Arthur
and the Knights
of the Round Table
Level 2
Retold by Deborah Tempest
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They went back to the place outside the church, and Sir Ector put the sword in the stone
‘Now pull it out,’ he said to Arthur.
Arthur pulled it out. It came out as easily as a knife out of butter. Sir Ector saw this and
took Arthur’s hand.
‘You are my king,’ he said.
Only the next king can pull the sword out of the stone. Many people try, but they cannot
move the sword. Then young Arthur tries, and it comes out easily. Now he will be king. But
will he be a good king? Will his people love him? And will his life be happy?
The story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is very, very old. People
know that there was a king in Britain between the years 400 and 600. He fought the
Saxons, from countries in the north of Europe, and perhaps this king was Arthur. He lived,
perhaps, in Wales or in the west of England — in Somerset or Cornwall.
People wrote stories about this king hundreds of years later, but they made the stories
more interesting and more exciting. At that time people were interested in magic, knights
and their ladies. So people fight with swords and use magic in these stories.
Who wrote these first stories? Nobody really knows, but different people in France and
Britain wrote about King Arthur and his knights. Not every book about them has the same
people and stories in it. One book (1484), by Sir Thomas Malory, is very famous. He used
French stories about King Arthur and wrote them in English.
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