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JP 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
Joint Publication 1-02
Department of Defense
Dictionary of
Military and Associated
12 April 2001
(As Amended Through
23 January 2002)
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1. Scope
intended. To provide a common interpretation
of terminology at home and abroad, US
officials, when participating in the North
Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or
dealing with NATO matters, will use NATO
terminology. When a NATO standard for a
term or definition does not exist, applicable
DOD terminology (if any) may be used.
The Department of Defense Dictionary
of Military and Associated Terms (short
title: Joint Pub 1-02 or JP 1-02) sets forth
standard US military and associated
terminology to encompass the joint activity
of the Armed Forces of the United States in
both US joint and allied joint operations, as
well as to encompass the Department of
Defense (DOD) as a whole. These military
and associated terms, together with their
definitions, constitute approved DOD
terminology for general use by all components
of the Department of Defense. The Secretary
of Defense, by DOD Directive 5025.12, 23
August 1989, Standardization of Military and
Associated Terminology , has directed the use
of JP 1-02 throughout the Department of
Defense to ensure standardization of military
and associated terminology.
Note concerning DOD-NATO Standardization:
The United States is a signatory to NATO
Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 3680,
which ratifies the NATO Glossary of Terms
and Definitions (English and French) (short
title: AAP-6). Under the provisions of
STANAG 3680, AAP-6 is established as the
primary glossary for NATO. The United
States carries out its obligation to implement
STANAG 3680 in the following manner: (a)
English-language entries approved for AAP-6
may be proposed by DOD elements for
inclusion in JP 1-02 as DOD-NATO entries.
The purpose of such proposals is to increase
multinational standardization. After
DOD-wide staffing by the US NATO
Military Terminology Group (USNMTG),
terminology so approved for inclusion in JP
1-02 and DOD-wide use will appear, along
with DOD-only entries, in JP 1-02 with an
asterisk in parentheses after the term to denote
DOD-NATO standardization of terminology,
referred to as “alignment” in NATO. (b) As
stated in paragraph 3, US officials will adhere
to NATO terminology when engaged in
NATO matters, provided that applicable
terminology exists. (c) An electronic copy of
AAP-6 is provided under “Other Publications”
at the internet address cited in paragraph 7.
2. Purpose
This publication supplements standard
English-language dictionaries with standard
terminology for military and associated use.
However, it is not the intent of this publication
to restrict the authority of the joint force
commander (JFC) from organizing the force
and executing the mission in a manner the JFC
deems most appropriate to ensure unity of
effort in the accomplishment of the overall
3. Application — DOD and
NATO Activities
JP 1-02 is promulgated for mandatory use
by the Office of the Secretary of Defense,
Military Departments, Joint Staff, combatant
commands, Defense agencies, and any other
DOD components. DOD terminology herein
is to be used without alteration unless a
distinctly different context or application is
4. Criteria for Terms
The following criteria are used to determine
the acceptability of terminology for inclusion
in JP 1-02:
a. Inadequate coverage in a standard,
commonly accepted dictionary, e.g., by
by the Director for Operational Plans and Joint
Force Development (J-7), Joint Staff.
6. Publication Format
b. Terminology should be of general
military or associated significance. Technical
or highly specialized terms may be included
if they can be defined in easily understood
language and if their inclusion is of general
military or associated significance.
This edition of JP 1-02 has been published
in two basic parts:
a. Main Body. This part of the dictionary
contains all terms and definitions approved
for use within the Department of Defense, to
include those terms and definitions that are
approved for both DOD and NATO use. Each
entry approved for both DOD and NATO
appears with an asterisk in parentheses, i.e.,
(*), after the term to denote DOD-NATO
c. Terms for weaponry are limited to
generic weapon systems.
d. Unless there are special reasons to the
contrary, terms and definitions are not to
consist of or contain abbreviations or other
shortened forms, e.g., acronyms.
e. Only UNCLASSIFIED terminology
will be included.
Note: In rare instances, a term may have a
combination of DOD-only definitions and
DOD-NATO definitions. In these instances,
though an asterisk will appear after the term
to denote DOD-NATO standardization, DOD-
only definitions will be preceded by “DOD
only” in parentheses.
f. Dictionary entries will not be provided
for prowords, code words, brevity words, or
NATO-only terms.
g. Dictionary entries will not be Service-
specific or functionality-specific unless they
are commonly employed by US joint forces
as a whole.
b. Appendix A. Appendix A contains a
listing of current abbreviations and acronyms
in common use within the Department of
Defense. This is by no means a complete list
of DOD abbreviations and acronyms. Rather,
it serves as a guide to current DOD usage in
abbreviations and acronyms.
h. Dictionary entries will not consist of
components or sub-components contained in
missiles, aircraft, equipment, weapons, etc.
7. JP 1-02 on the Internet
5. Other DOD Dictionaries
JP 1-02 is accessible on-line at the following
internet address:
Other dictionaries or glossaries for DOD
use will be published ONLY AFTER
coordination with the USNMTG and approval
JP 1-02
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As changes are approved for JP 1-02, they
are added to the internet version, making the
internet version of JP 1-02 more up-to-date
than any printed edition. The internet version
thus provides the latest changes worldwide
between regular printed editions.
For the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy
Director, Joint Staff
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JP 1-02
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