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NO 10  October 2012
2012 EPN 40th anniversary
66 François Gabella, LEM,
recalls 1972
Special reports
18 Electronica Preview
32 Power Management
42 RF & Wireless
Wireless structural health
P a g e 42
Designed to support up to eight Virtex-6
Cobalt and Virtex-7 Onyx boards, this 7893
PCIe board is a system synchronisation and
distribution ampliier from Pentek.
Page 08
For universal AC input, iWatt has developed
the iW1816, its latest AccuSwitch primary-
side driver with an internal power switch
rated to 800V.
Page 34
A power evaluation for wireless energy
transfer, devised by Eficient Power
Conversion, uses its eGaN FETs for high
frequency, high voltage and high power
medical, industrial and automotive designs.
Page 38
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Wednesday 14 November
Save the date in your diary to join EPN
in celebrating its 40th Anniversary
at electronica 2012
Electronics Then & Now: where were you in
1972 and where will the electronics industry
be in 2052?
Venue: electronica Forum Hall A3-242
EPN Editor-in-Chief : Caroline Hayes
RS Components,
”Helping the engineer in a digital age”
International Rectiier,
Mr. Benjamin Jackson, Senior Manager,
Automotive Power Switch & Module,
Product Management : “Automotive”
LEM, Mr. Hans Dieter Huber, VP Industry :
“Current transducers evolution”
Mouser, Mr. Mark Burr-Lonnon,
VP Europe & Asia :
“Changes in the design community
over the lifetime of EPN”
Power Integrations, Mr. Doug Bailey,
VP, Marketing :
“How power eficiency affects design
– from mobile phones to LED systems”
Molex, Mr. Oliver Bischoff,
Industry Manager, Medical : “Medical”
EPN Booth Party to celebrate 40th
Anniversary on EPN booth at electronica
Hall B5-125/6
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[04] Editorial Comment
[06] on the Web
[28] automotive Electronics
[30] Power Perspective
[52] test Corner
[64] Renewable Energy
[65] Industrial automation
[68] Distribution Spotlight
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[18] Special report: Electronica Preview
[32] Special report: Power Management
[42] Special report: RF & Wireless
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In next month’s 40th anniverary special issue, there
will be an electronica 2012 preview and a Cables &
Connectors feature.
Antoine Duarte
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EPN 40th anniversary
[66] Executive Interview
Where were you in ’72: François Gabella, LEM
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EPN ISSUE N° 09 – September 2012 3
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Making room for Europe
I was reading about Intel’s announcement of its Haswell microarchitecture, which many
commentators see as the company pinning its colours to the mobile computing mast. The
fourth generation Core processor family reduces idle power to cater for battery demands of
graphics and media functions. Its announcement has raised the debate again about whether
the end of the PC is nigh.
By Caroline
The fact that most of the angst is in the US reflects how computing is a US-centric industry.
European companies may supply some silicon, but it is US or Asian companies specifying
them in designs for manufacture. Europe seems to be letting the US battle it out internally
for desktop and mobile computing supremacy. (For a while, it could be argued that Nokia was
leading the European charge, but the company has seen its smartphone market share being
eaten away, principally from California-based Apple.)
Instead Europe’s electronics focus is on building expertise in communications and automotive
silicon. With the help of EU funding, it is exploring ‘new’ technologies like the smart grid,
through projects like E2SG, and renewable technologies.
The diversity of the European electronics industry will be in evidence at next month’s
electronica 2012. Electronics engineers will be able to explore new products and technology
developments at this international show. As well as exhibition stands from international
companies, the show organsiers have put together a program of conferences and forums
dedicated to specific areas of interest. There will be the PCB & Components Market Place,
the two-day automotive conference, the two-day Embedded Platform Conference,a two-day
Wireless Congress, and the Embedded, Automotive, Exhibitor and CEO Forums.
The exhibition programme reflects the progressive approach of European electronics
engineering. It should produce some insights into why Europe is happy to leave the ‘old’
industries to others while it taps the unmined seams of new technology gold.
At electronica 2012 (Munich, 13 to 16 November) EPN is proud to be hosting the
EPN Forum. It will be held at the electronica Forum in Hall A3 - 242 on Wednesday
14 November from 10am to 1pm. Join us to hear the thoughts of RS Components,
International Rectfier, LEM, Mouser, Power Integrations and Molex on the
Electronics Industry over the last 40 years (the schedule of speakers is on page 2).
October 2012 – EPN ISSUE N° 10
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