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Concepts, Methodologies,
and Tools
Dan Clein
Technical Contributor: Gregg Shimokura
Boston Oxford Auckland Johannesburg Melbourne New Delhi
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Clein, Dan, 1958–
CMOS IC layout : concepts, methodologies, and tools / Dan Clein;
technical contributor, Gregg Shimokura.
p. cm.
ISBN 0-7506-7194-7 (pbk. : alk. paper)
1. Metal oxide semiconductors, Complementary — Computer-aided
design. 2. Integrated circuits — Computer-aided design. I. Title.
TK7871. 99.M44C485 1999
732 — dc21
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To my wife Emilia, who has put up with my hobby
of layout design for the past 15 years.
To my kids Noran and Nathan.
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