The Story of Qiu Ju (1992) Cd1.txt

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{4850}{4907}Meizi, it's here
{5112}{5152}Qinglai, we're there
{5298}{5332}Easy, easy
{5354}{5403}Meizi, take the bag
{5748}{5775}Come in
{5829}{5858}Sit down
{5966}{5995}Well, what's the matter?
{6044}{6126}My husband, he's been kicked
{6151}{6246}Kicked? Where
{6296}{6322}Down there
{6388}{6417}Down there
{6457}{6531}T ake off your pants and let me see
{6615}{6696}Easy, easy
{7904}{7969}Where're you from? Xigaouzi
{7975}{8021}Come all the way from there
{8302}{8387}That man looks more like a vet
{8911}{8943}What did he say
{8951}{9058}Just need to keep it straight and|let air get to it
{9066}{9109}I'll be okay in a few days
{9118}{9262}This is his report|Need to get it stamped
{9498}{9587}It's a long trip, you feel okay
{9625}{9659}I'm fine
{9669}{9706}It's you I'm worried about
{9732}{9861}If we can't fix your plumbing
{9888}{9991}We're stuck with the single child policy|for good
{10035}{10150}A boy or a girl in here, who knows
{10188}{10247}I'll be all right, don't worry
{10270}{10335}The doctor is a specialist
{10353}{10405}If he said I'll be fine, I'll be fine
{10414}{10449}It just takes a little while
{10462}{10573}It's not that simple|I'll talk to him when I'm back
{10864}{10886}Qiu Ju, have you eaten?
{10893}{10919}Y es
{11409}{11458}You two sit still|I'll get you some food
{11469}{11575}Is he in? Y es, yes, come
{11583}{11617}Auntie Qiu Ju
{11688}{11717}Is he in
{11720}{11750}Y es, he is
{11801}{11853}Some noodles? Have some noodles
{11862}{11902}have some noodles|I'll get you some noodles
{11909}{11952}I've eaten. You go ahead
{11961}{11988}Have some
{12006}{12024}I've eaten
{12031}{12049}Just a little
{12052}{12201}No, I've just eaten. It's cold
{12324}{12414}if it matters to you
{12438}{12511}Here's the medical report
{12517}{12548}Read it
{12691}{12732}T ell us what to do
{12958}{13010}Do what you want
{13035}{13070}Read it, Qiu Ju has brought it to you
{13073}{13111}What the hell had you know?
{13391}{13434}It's you who kicked him
{13473}{13512}So tell us what to do
{13543}{13578}What to do
{13603}{13683}Go ask him why I did it
{13715}{13750}You're the head of the village
{13758}{13879}You can't kick a man where he lives
{13904}{13989}So I kicked him|what did you want now?
{14026}{14078}You tell us|what do you think should be done
{14246}{14347}If you insist|but don't blame me for being crude
{14379}{14448}I'll go stand in the courtyard|with my legs open
{14469}{14565}and let him kick me back. How's that
{14656}{14724}If that's your answer, forget it
{14734}{14797}Forget it then
{14800}{14872}What kind of justice is this?
{14930}{15017}Time I went|Don't bother to see me off
{15026}{15097}Don't walk too fast
{15107}{15227}Goodbye, Auntie. Don't walk too fast
{15770}{15833}Go eat something. It's in the pot
{15880}{15913}Well, what did he say?
{15978}{16014}T aken your medicine
{16064}{16101}What did he say
{16143}{16179}Nothing to be done, that's what he said
{16462}{16514}Nothing to be done? The bully
{16522}{16593}He's the Chief, how can he say that
{16671}{16734}I'll go into the village tomorrow
{16741}{16877}Good idea, Must be justice somewhere
{16889}{16986}Meizi, Qiu Ju's so big now
{16994}{17058}You go with her tomorrow
{17092}{17178}Careful, Qiu Ju, the road's slippery
{17187}{17246}Meizi, take care of your sister
{17253}{17297}The road is slippery|take good care of her
{17304}{17331}Father, go back to the house
{17340}{17381}Go back to the house
{17397}{17468}Sister, be careful|the road is slippery
{17614}{17645}Where are you going, Qiu Ju
{17656}{17685}The village
{17696}{17755}The village? T ake care
{18829}{18993}The Village
{19214}{19275}He had on a padded jacket
{19278}{19411}He took it off
{19421}{19447}Said, What's the matter?
{19457}{19490}I said, I've told you what the matter is.
{19501}{19636}And a fight broke out between us
{19657}{19705}So he started it
{19713}{19761}He started it|is that what you' re saying
{19765}{19865}No, he just took off his jacket|Didn't hit me
{19875}{19993}I took off my jacket and hung it up
{20004}{20063}I hadn't hit him yet
{20072}{20143}He took off his jacket
{20154}{20262}hung it up
{20282}{20339}and said
{20350}{20470}You and your wife, your daughters|the four of you
{20473}{20568}Kicked me and hit me
{20579}{20674}What the hell's the deal
{20689}{20737}I hit him. He didn't hit back
{20740}{20825}I don't think that's possible
{20834}{20870}Y es? Who are you looking for
{20881}{20928}I want to see Officer Li
{20938}{21002}Officer Li
{21070}{21116}Go over there
{21559}{21603}Have a seat first
{21627}{21674}I'll be with you in a minute
{21799}{21836}What's the matter
{21986}{22030}Wan Qinglai
{22073}{22105}What's happened to him?
{22123}{22166}He's been kicked
{22320}{22374}Are you Qinglai's wife?
{22419}{22487}I couldn't make it to his wedding
{22510}{22577}I heard his wife was a beauty.
{22584}{22619}So that's you
{22761}{22831}You're having a baby!|Sit down...
{23051}{23163}Bruises on the right chest wall
{23211}{23372}Ieft testicle slightly swollen|slightly swollen...
{23467}{23500}Qinglai's such a harmless guy
{23508}{23575}How'd he get in a fight? With whom
{23588}{23617}With our Chief
{23638}{23670}You mean Wang Shantang
{23673}{23702}Y es
{23846}{23929}We grow chilly, you know
{23937}{24032}Hey, Li, I'll take this. Here
{24059}{24111}You know we grow chilly, don't you
{24119}{24131}Y es I do
{24140}{24171}You do
{24199}{24281}Well, we wanted to put up|a storaged shed
{24292}{24351}We got the bricks and tiles ready
{24365}{24449}But the Chief kept refusing|our application
{24461}{24476}So instead
{24479}{24558}We cleared a place by our allocated land
{24561}{24694}T o make room for the chilly shed
{24706}{24763}But the Chief still refused claimed
{24783}{24872}there was an order
{24882}{24944}So I said, if you have this order
{24953}{25050}Let me see it
{25082}{25143}But he refused
{25152}{25183}He's the order he said
{25194}{25229}And he just wouldn't show it to me
{25238}{25330}Mind you, there is such a document
{25352}{25420}The land is for growing crops
{25429}{25483}If everyone builds on it
{25493}{25541}What're we going to eat
{25574}{25670}But does this document|say he can beat people
{25681}{25744}He's the Chief
{25754}{25800}A few knocks are one thing
{25810}{25922}But to kick a man where it counts
{25971}{26013}It takes two to start a fight
{26022}{26082}He must have been provoked
{26097}{26127}What's the reason?
{26326}{26386}My brother was mad. He swore at him
{26394}{26463}Who are you? I'm Wan Qinglai's sister
{26479}{26522}What did your brother say
{26537}{26600}He cursed the Chief|said he'd have no heirs
{26609}{26653}Said he could only raise hens
{26669}{26743}Your brother was wrong then
{26751}{26854}Everyone knows|that the Chief only has daughters
{26871}{26944}Your brother's words cut him|where it hurts
{26956}{27027}The family planning policy means|he'll have no heirs
{27037}{27085}It's cruel to remind him of it
{27101}{27176}Even so, he's got no right|to beat people up
{27186}{27218}He's the Chief
{27228}{27296}he shouldn't have kicked him there
{27307}{27370}I asked him what should be done
{27379}{27463}He said he's kicked, and that's that
{27473}{27532}I said, if you won't do something|who will
{27539}{27577}You're the Chief, but you beat him
{27587}{27609}It's not right
{27620}{27659}You're what you're here for? Right
{27674}{27711}Y es
{27723}{27820}I tell you, he's wrong|to have kicked your husband
{27830}{27897}Course he is! And where it counts
{27900}{27943}If that doesn't get better, we...
{27951}{28013}All right, all right|I've said he's wrong
{28039}{28117}Now, go home first
{28143}{28267}In the next day or two|I'll come and sort things out
{28331}{28429}I want both of you|to do some self-criticism
{28440}{28467}Is that clear
{28475}{28502}Y es
{28510}{28578}You go home first, I'm busy today
{28607}{28651}You can leave this with me
{28671}{28715}Then when will you come
{28727}{28767}In the next day or two
{29096}{29199}Officer Li, please come soon
{29475}{29517}Goodbye, Li
{29526}{29574}Goodbye now
{29933}{29968}Dad, Dad
{29971}{30000}Staying warm
{30068}{30120}It's you, Li. Come and get warm
{30215}{30298}I want to talk to Wang
{30306}{30351}why don't you go outside
{30395}{30427}What brought you here?
{30469}{30501}Good looking maize
{30758}{30797}I've read the medical report
{30806}{30895}and been to see Qinglai
{30920}{30965}He shouldn't have cursed you
{30978}{31022}I've told him off
{31066}{31113}But you, too were wrong
{31143}{31230}You're his elder, and you're the Chief
{31239}{31293}Shouldn't have beat him like that
{31317}{31383}I was just following orders!|But the orders don't say
{31426}{31496}you can beat people up
{31559}{31614}If he's any sense
{31641}{31681}He should ask himself|why he got kicked
{31745}{31786}You're the Chief
{31808}{31856}Hitting him has one thing
{31884}{31956}But you shouldn't a kicked him there
{32000}{32085}It shut him up, didn't it
{32106}{32132}Please, please
{32142}{32308}You go out first, Qiu Ju
{32317}{32389}I want to talk to the Chief alone
{33081}{33162}So that's how we'll settle it
{33203}{33237}Qiu Ju
{33253}{33303}as I see it
{33329}{33370}he shouldn't have kicked your husband
{33385}{33420}I've said this to his face
{33441}{33520}But Qinglai's got a sharp tongue too
{33538}{33615}So, both sides must admit they're wrong
{33693}{33743}As mediator, here's what I think
{33768}{33868}Wang should pay for Qinglai's|medical costs and lost wages
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