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1) Download and install VMware 8 using Keygen provided in download :

Use one of the following serials if you dont want to use the keygen


2) Download the Xrumer 7 Windows Image and extract content to a new folder 

3) Open VMware

4) Click File -> Open and browser to the folder from step 2 and select “Win2003.vmx”

5) VMware will now load the image…….

6) Once the image is loaded click “Resume this virutal machine” (highlighted in GREEN)

7) The image will now load, a box will pop up! click â€oI MOVED IT†button.

8) Another box will show click “YES”

9) Windows login screen will now show, Enter the password “imsoldiers.com” (without quotes)

10) Xrumer and Hrefer will already be loaded and running and ready for you to use. (do not close them)

11) Please make sure you read the following……..

- DO NOT Close Xrumer and hrefer in VMWare.
- DO NOT logoff + reset + shutdown OS in VMWare

To close VMware follow these instructions

1) Under “My Computer” right click on “Xrumer 7.0.12 and Hrefer 3.5”

2) Select “Power” -> “Suspend Guest”

3) VMware will now save your current status and close the image

NIE ZAMYKAJ XRUMERA! Je¿eli siê zamknie to wszystko trzeba od nowa robiæ wiêc lepiej sobie projekty zapisywaæ.
Zgłoś jeśli naruszono regulamin