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Official Sponsor of the 2010 U.S. Men’s and Women’s Olympiad Teams
• Official Sponsor of 2008 U.S. Men's and Women's
Olympiad Teams; First time in its history both
teams won bronze medals at the same Olympiad.
• Official Sponsor of 2006 U.S. Olympiad Teams;
U.S. Men’s team won bronze medal
• Sponsored and conducted training program for 2004
U.S. Women’s Olympiad Team, Silver Medalists
• Founder and Organizer of the All-Girls Nationals
• Sponsor and Organizer of Greater
New York Scholastic Championships
• Sponsor and Founder of Greater Mid-Atlantic
Scholastic Championships and Greater Chicago
Scholastic Championships
• KCF developed blueprint chess educational
curriculum for schools, working with schools
throughout the country to establish KCF
program as de-facto curriculum standard
• Organize and conduct teachers’
seminars and workshops
• Conduct program for talented children
with Semi-Annual Master Class Series
organized by Garry Kasparov
For more information about Kasparov Chess Foundation’s
programs, please visit us at or e-mail us at
Kasparov Chess Foundation’s mission is to bring the many educational benefits of chess throughout the United States by providing
a complete chess curriculum and enrichment programs. Kasparov Chess Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization.
Supported by charitable donations from concerned individuals, private foundations and corporate sponsors.
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Chess Life
an acclaimed book by
Eliot Hearst & John Knott
Editorial Staff
Chess Life Editor &
Director of Publications
Daniel Lucas
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Senior Art Director
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Editorial Assistant
Jennifer Pearson
History, Psychology, Techniques, Champions,
World Records, and Important Games
Technical Editor
Ron Burnett
Joan DuBois
“Truly magnificent and beautiful” —New in Chess
“One of the best chess books I’ve ever seen” —IM Jeremy Silman
“True excellence ... wonderful chess reading” —Chess Life
“Splendid and fascinating” —Financial Times
“Highly recommended, beautifully produced” —IM John Donaldson
“One of the most interesting chess books of the last 50 years” —Chess Mail
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Administrative Assistant
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Judy Misner
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Jim Johanson ext. 127
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& Affiliate Relations
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Mike Nolan
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Tournament Director Certification Phillip R. Smith ext.134
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Chess Life — November 2010
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November on
This Month’s
Al Lawrence
(“Looks at Books,” p. 16)
is a former executive director
of both USCF and the World
Chess Hall of Fame. His latest
book, with GM Lev Alburt, is
Chess Training Pocket Book II .
Eliot Hearst
(“History,” p. 28)
was a United States Olympic
chess team captain in 1962 and
is a former columnist for Chess
Life. He has written extensively
about the psychology of sports
and games, computer chess,
learning, memory and conflict.
A distinguished professor
emeritus at Indiana University,
Hearst currently serves as an
adjunct professor of psychology
at the University of Arizona.
The National Youth
The first major scholastic of
the season will take place
in Long Branch, New Jersey
from November 5-7. The nine-
round event is split into
four sections. Check CLO
for results and stories.
The Season of Blitz
The World Blitz Championship takes
place in Moscow, Russia from
November 15-16 and as we go
to press, bullet legend and #1
ranked U.S. player Hikaru Nakamura
is rumored to be among the
participants. Additionally, Hikaru
will face off against world #1
Magnus Carlsen in the
November 27 BN Bank Blitz
in Oslo, Norway (which
Nakamura won last year.)
Dr. Tim Redman
(“Collecting,” p. 34)
has been a contributor to
Chess Life for 30 years. He
was president of the USCF
for two terms, 1981-1984
and 2000-2001. He is also
a FIDE international arbiter.
Redman is a professor of
literary studies at the
University of Texas at Dallas.
His research focuses on
American and British
modernism, and especially
on Ezra Pound. He holds
a Ph.D. in comparative
studies in literature from
the University of Chicago.
Chess Stuffing
Over the holiday, various turkey
day tournaments abound from
the Thanksgiving Open in
St. Louis to the National
Chess Congress in Philadelphia.
Coverage from Philly will include
U.S. Chess Scoop videos!
GM Ian Rogers
(“Americans Abroad,” p. 40)
is a frequent contributor to
Chess Life, especially of inter-
national events.
U.S. Chess League (USCL)
Playoff Season
The USCL reaches its climax
in November with quarterfinals
(November 1-3), semifinals
(November 10) and the
Championship on November
20th. Look for recaps
and more on CLO , including
Kostya Kavutskiy’s (from
the Los Angeles Vibe) USCL
highlight series.
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Chess Life — November 2010
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