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Comfort for the Jews
(c) Copyright 1997 Research Applications International.
Casa Blanca
Aug. 144.1925
Bay, If. T,
Won. Joseph P. Wutherford,
124 Columbia H’ghts.
Brooklyn, N. Y.
My dear Justice:-
Your address -Jews returning to Palestine’ which
was broadcasted, has just been brought to my atten-
My rife and I have been three times ln the Holy
Land. We are intenslly interested In St.6 reconstruc-
tlon, being ardent Zionists.
Your interpretation of the prophecies of the Bible
strongly appeals to us - and confirms our own convio-
You manliest a serious study of the Old Testament,
which Cannot help but convince of the justice of my
people in wanting again to possess the Holy Land.
Accept assurance of my personal appreciatkon of
Pour liberal,
Uort sincerely yours,
generous viewpoint of our sacred cause.
E rebuilding of Palestine is claiming the attention
of Jews throughout the earth. Some of the Gentile
world powers are outwardly favoring the movement but
manifestly for se&h reasons.
JUDGE RUTHERFORD, known throughout the
world as a friend of the Hebrew people, is vigorously
supporting the daim of the Jews to the Holy Land.
He is opposed to proselyting the Jews, holding that such
is not only wrong but contrary to the Scriptures. His
lectures to large audiences, which have been broadcast
throughout the world, on “JEWS RETURNING TO
PALESTINE”, have created an intense interest. There
is a great demand for them in printed form. He has
amplified these lectures and now presents them in book
form. This volume will be of profound interest to
Jews and Gentiles alike. It is the first unbiased pres-
entation of the subject from the Scriptural viewpoint
The Publishers send forth th.% volume confident that
it will do great good.
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