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Teacher’s Notes
by Małgorzata Krzemińska-Adamek
Type of activity : whole-class, pair work and
individual work
Focus : vocabulary connected with royalty and family
members, have got and possessive s (for receptive
use), reading skills
Level : elementary, grades 4-6
Time : 35 minutes
the text below the tree and complete it with the
names of the royal family members. After 4-5
minutes check the answers.
Answers :
Preparation : Photocopy students’ worksheets
(1 and 2) – one per student.
1. Write on the board:
Elizabeth 85
this Queen
Ask students to quickly put the words in the
correct order to make a sentence: Queen Elizabeth
is 85 this year . Ask if they know who Queen
Elizabeth is. You may expect the children to know
that she is the Queen of the United Kingdom but
explain that she is also the Queen of Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and other
countries in the so-called Commonwealth,
although they have their separate governments.
Tell the students that the Queen has got two
birthdays: the real one on April 21 and the offi cial
one on a Saturday in June (this year June 11). Ask
the students if they know/can guess why this is so
(the latter one is organized later because the
weather is usually better at that time and people
can participate in the events). Ask if the students
know any other members of the royal family.
Accept all good answers but do not reveal too
much information at this point.
2. Revise the vocabulary connected with the family
(family members): father, mother, sister, brother,
child/children, son, daughter, grandchildren,
grandson/granddaughter etc. Teach the word
sibling(s) . Distribute Worksheet 1 (one per
student). Explain that in the worksheet there is a
simplifi ed version of the Windsor family tree,
starting from Queen Elizabeth. Tell students that
horizontal relations refer to siblings, not to
marriages. Give the students some time to look at
the family tree and perhaps, if you think the
students are able to do it, complete it with pieces
of missing information. Ask the students to read
3. Tell the students to read the riddles and check
their understanding. Ask them to read the text
again and look at the completed family tree and
solve the riddles (you may allow the students to
work in pairs for this activity).
Answers : 1. Prince Andrew, 2. Princess Anne, 3.
Prince Harry, 4. Princess Beatrice, 5. Queen
4. Distribute Worksheet 2. Tell the students that
they are going to write a postcard to the Queen.
Explain that they may write birthday wishes
(which is a usual thing to do for many English
children). They may also write to say what they
think about the royal family, about England etc.
Encourage the students to cut out the postcard
and decorate it on the other side. Monitor the
activity. Help with language if necessary. Display
the ready postcards in the classroom.
© Macmillan Polska 2011
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