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First published online 29.05.2009
Teacher’s Notes
Natural Disasters
by Paulina Bulowska,
Type of activity : individual work, group work
4. Distribute WORKSHEET (one per student).
Ask the students to look at the material
and explain that each of them (in their
group) is supposed to comment on the
material. They need to take turns in
speaking. Monitor the work of all the
groups and give any help needed.
Encourage them to speak on the material
as much as possible.
Focus: Natural disasters– speaking activity based
on stimuli
Level/age group: grade 3 (high school) - matura
Time : 45 minutes
5. When the work is inished ask one student
to present the material in front of the
class. Ask him/her the questions included
in Teacher’s Notes . Give him/her 5 minutes
and after his/her speech correct all the
mistakes you have heard during the
1. Photocopy the worksheets:
WORKSHEET – one per student
2. Make sure the students are prepared for
the task - give them clues how to describe
pictures, how to interpret headlines and
how to focus on general idea of the
material (in the previous lesson).
6. Ask the students if they have some points
to add. Elaborate on the topic.
Extension/Follow-up: Remind your students
what is the most important while describing
a material.
1. Introduce the topic of the lesson.
2. Present some useful vocabulary. It will be
helpful for your students to talk about
natural disasters. ( a lood, trauma, debris,
drought, a tornado, collapsed buildings/
houses, donation, the Red Cross, natural
hazards, crops, to be prone to sth.,
homelessness, calamity, residents trapped
under debris, to estimate, emergency
Teacher’s Notes:
Questions to the material:
1. What does the material present?
2. What does the data in the frame imply
about natural disasters?
3. What can we do to help people aflicted
by calamities?
3. Divide the class into 4/5 groups. (5 students
max. in each group)
4. Could some natural disasters be prevented?
Justify your opinion.
© Macmillan Polska 2009
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