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First published online 06.03.08
Teacher’s Notes
Choose your Easter
by Agnieszka Szeżyńska
Type of school: gimnazjum
from the other four countries and describing
their own one. At this point students should
not refer to the country cards they should
use their key words.
Type of activity: groupwork and pairwork,
Reading and speaking
Focus: Easter traditions around the world
7. When finished, ask students to talk in
groups of five and decide which of the
countries they would most like to visit at
Easter time.
Level/age group: P re-intermediate
Time: 20-25 min.
Preparation: copy and cut the Student's
Worksheet so that each student receives one
country card
8. Get feedback from the whole class and ask
students to try to guess what countries were
described in the cards finally, reveal what
countries students chose as their
1. Brainstorm students' knowledge about
Easter traditions in the world and tell them
they are going to get to know about Easter
traditions in five different countries but
they will only get to know which countries
these are at the end of the activity.
A Germany
B Sweden
C Australia
D Hungary
E Norway
2. Mentally divide students into groups of
five and distribute the country cards so that
each student in a group has a different card
(the game also works with groups of three or
four then use any three or four of the
country cards).
Ask students to write a similar description of
Easter traditions in Poland or any other
3. Ask all students with the same type of card
to work together.
4. In their groups, students should read
through their description, decide about the
most important facts given and on a
separate piece of paper, write these down in
the form of key words (each student needs
to make notes, as they will next work
5. Clarify any vocabulary at this stage,
listing it on the board to stay there for the
rest of the activity.
6. Put students back into groups of five, each
student in the group with a different country
card. Students are supposed to talk
separately to everyone in their group,
getting to know about the Easter traditions
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