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You look ahead of me, over m y left shoul der.
D o not look back u ntil I tell you to .
th at s ound s li ke sing ing,
don’ t ta lk t o i t.
This book includes:
• A complete plug-and-play police
• A complete plug-and-play police
department for use in any World
department for use in any World
of Darkness game and story seeds
of Darkness game and story seeds
to support it
to support it
• Rules for players to portray
• Rules for players to portray
characters on both sides of the
characters on both sides of the
law — or outside it entirely
law — or outside it entirely
• A primer on how the American
• A primer on how the American
legal system works in addition to
legal system works in addition to
functioning as a setting itself
functioning as a setting itself
For use with the
World of Darkness Rulebook
World of Darkness Rulebook
1-58846-480-6 WW55001 $26.99US
I’m going to go down these stair s fi rst .
What ever y ou do, do no t look back .
Al so, if y ou h ear some thi ng
th ats ound sli ke sing ing,
don’ tta lkt oi t.
This book includes:
For use with the
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By Alan Alexander and Clayton Oliver
The Midway Police Department: Trying to pull itself from beneath the shadow of corruption.
Brad Lassiter: There we go.
Sorry about that. I hope I don’t
run out of tapes before we’re done.
[laughter] Now, before the break, we
were just getting into the discussion
of the political side of police work.
How all these different agencies
work together, or don’t work
together, as in the Belinda Miller
murder case.
Mace Calhoun: Well, see, the
first thing you have to remember
is that individual police officers,
except for the really crooked ones,
see themselves as law enforcement
agents first and foremost, as opposed
to “public officials.” But as you
advance up the food chain from
beat officer to lieutenant to captain
to police chief, your decisions tend
to be based less on solving specific
cases and more on doing what is
politically advantageous. That’s
not to say that the chief of police
doesn’t care about crime. Even
the most venal police chief knows
a high crime rate is certainly bad
Excerpts from a May 2005 interview of
Midway Tribune crime reporter Mace
Calhoun as conducted by Brad Lassiter,
a junior journalism major attending
Midway University. Mr. Calhoun has
recently retired after 37 years in the
journalism profession, during which he
received numerous awards for his crime
reporting, including a Pulitzer nomination
for investigative reporting for his series on
the 1987 Citadel Heights police brutality
scandal in Midway.
8258425.091.png 8258425.092.png 8258425.093.png
good news coverage. Meanwhile,
violent crime in the projects
continues to escalate, even as more
resources are diverted to protecting
upper-class, white neighborhoods.
The problem is made worse by
the competing interests of other
law enforcement agencies, which
often try to undermine each other’s
authority out of a desire for a public
relations boost or simply out of petty
We have four basic entities to
keep track of when we’re talking
about law enforcement in Midway:
the city police, the various county
the city police, the various county mayor indicating his views on
sheriff’s departments (most
prominently, Washington County),
the state police and the feds. We’ll
start with the Midway PD. The
head of the MPD is currently Police
Chief Elliot Tyler, who has been
on the job for about two years, so
I’m still making up my mind about
him. The police chief is a political
appointee who serves at the pleasure
of the mayor, and, consequently,
the job requires a politician much
more than a brilliant criminologist.
The appointment of a new police
chief is also a statement by the
mayor indicating his views on
for his job prospects. It’s just that,
at a certain career level, you tend
to prioritize cases based on how
they’ll affect your coverage on the
nightly news. As the saying goes,
“if it bleeds, it leads,” so the crimes
that get the highest priority are the
crimes that most frighten middle-
and upper-class whites: rape, robbery
and murder, especially in white
neighborhoods. Drug crimes are also
a big deal, especially in and around
the public school systems. Narcotics
and prostitution sweeps always give
the appointment of Police Chief Elliot Tyler was a “cave in” to the
mayor’s affl uent (and mostly white) political campaign contributors.
After two years on the job, crime in the predominantly poor parts of
town have increased while police presence in these areas has decreased.
The Midway Police Department: Trying to pull itself from beneath the shadow of corruption.
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