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DINAN E63/64 M6
2006 – 2008
Dinan Signature SerieS
4 Year / 50,000 Mile Warranty
Contact a Dinan Representative or visit dinancars.com
for information on the most extensive line of E63 M6
products available, all backed by the only guarantee
that matches the new car warranty coverage up to 4
years or 50,000 miles.
“…Dinan builds cars by examining each area of per-
formance, applying sound engineering principles
and executing them with a precision found only at
the world’s inest tuners. Then as now, I’m in awe.”
- european car
Inspired by 29 years of BMW performance tuning and racing experience, the Dinan Signature Series features carefully engi-
neered, balanced high performance solutions for the M6 driver, backed by the only guarantee that matches the new car war-
ranty coverage for up to 4 years/50,000 miles. The enhanced performance can be enjoyed without compromising warranty
coverage or the reliability expected of a BMW M6.
Each Dinan Signature Series M6 is adorned with the handsome Dinan deck lid badge, as well as a serial numbered plaque,
verifying authenticity and making the cars that much more exclusive. As a inal touch, Dinan aluminum pedal pads are
included, adding a tasteful performance look to the sumptuous interior.
“Fact is, anyone with a breath of life would ache to motor one of Dinan’s tuned and tweaked BMWs.”
Dinan S2-M6 542 Horsepower @ 7500 rpm / 398 lb-ft Torque @ 6400 rpm
Includes: Stage 3 Engine Software; Free Flow Exhaust; High Flow Air Mass Meter/Intake Assemblies; High Flow Throttle Bodies;
Under-Drive Pulley; Stage 2 Suspension System; Carbon Fiber Front Strut and Rear Shock Braces; 3.91 Limited Slip Diferential;
Dinan Pedal Pads; Dinan Deck Lid Badge; Serial Numbered Dinan-S2 Plaque
Dinan S3-M6 611 Horsepower @ 7500 rpm / 468 lb-ft Torque @ 6000 rpm
Includes: Dinan 5.7L V-10 Engine; Engine Management Software; Free Flow Exhaust; High Flow Air Mass Meter/Intake Assem-
blies; High Flow Throttle Bodies; Under Drive Pulley; Stage 3 Suspension System; Carbon Fiber Front Strut and Rear Shock Brac-
es; Dinan/Brembo 4-Wheel Brake Conversion; Dinan Pedal Pads; Dinan Deck Lid Badge; Serial Numbered Dinan-S3 Plaque
Dinan S-M6 507 Horsepower @ 7500 rpm / 373 lb-ft Torque @ 6200 rpm
Includes: Free Flow Exhaust; Carbon Fiber Front Strut Brace; Stage 2 Suspension System; Dinan Pedal Pads; Deck Lid Badge;
Serial Numbered Dinan-S Plaque
Dinan S1-M6 527 Horsepower @ 7500 rpm / 387 lb-ft Torque @ 6400 rpm
Includes: Stage 3 Engine Software; Free Flow Exhaust; High Flow Air Mass Meter/Intake Assemblies; Stage 2 Suspension Sys-
tem; Carbon Fiber Front Strut Brace; Dinan Pedal Pads; Dinan Deck Lid Badge; Serial Numbered Dinan-S1 Plaque
engine Performance
High Flow Throttle Bodies 2 badge points
The M6 stock throttle bodies are carefully bored to a larger internal diameter for
further improvement in air-low, increasing power output and providing more
immediate throttle response. Matching Stage 2 Engine Software is highly recom-
mended for optimum performance and drivability.
+13 hp @ 8100 rpm / +8 lb-ft torque @ 8100 rpm
Performance Engine Software 2 badge points
Dinan performance software recalibrates the M6 engine management system for snappier throttle response, increased power
output and improved drivability. The rev-limit is increased by 150 to 8400 rpm and the factory top-speed governor has been
removed. The software also provides re-calibration of the factory “torque limiting” programming, ensuring that maximum
power is available under varying driving conditions. Additional stages of Dinan engine software are also available for use with
speciic combinations of Dinan products, ensuring the best possible performance and drivability.
+15 hp @ 8100 rpm / +15 lb-ft torque @ 3000 rpm*
* Dyno tested without factory hydrocarbon ilters.
Racing Middle Exhaust
Substantial improvement in low comes from a complete replace-
ment of the nearly 8 foot mid-exhaust section that runs from the
headers to the Dinan Free Flow Mulers. The system dramatically
improves low for increased power as well as producing an unmis-
takably aggressive exhaust note. Several versions are available,
ofering two resonator options or no resonators at all for maximum power output. Each version produces a distinctly diferent
exhaust note and volume level, enabling the driver to tune the exhaust system for personal preference. This is a “racing only”
product that is not intended for use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles driven on the street.
+9 hp @ 7500 rpm / +6 lb-ft torque @ 7500 rpm
Free Flow Rear Mulers 3 badge points
Reduced weight, 100% 304-stainless steel construction, a great sporty ex-
haust note and superior low make for the best performing M6 mulers on
the market. Four 3.5” polished stainless steel tips give the cars a tasteful high
performance look unlike any other. The tips also feature a unique self-cooling
design that reduces discoloration over time.
+9 hp @ 8000 rpm / +6 lb-ft torque @ 8000 rpm
5.7 Liter High Performance V-10 Engine
10 badge points
High Flow Air Mass Meter/Intake Assemblies 3 badge points
Taking full advantage of the factory ram-air ducting, Dinan has increased the volume of the air-boxes in order to accom-
modate large high-low air ilter elements, dramatically improving intake eiciency. The diameter of the integrated Air Mass
Meters has also been increased, further improving the ability to de-
liver cool, oxygen rich air to the combustion chamber for maximum
output. The air boxes are manufactured from plastic for efective
resistance to power robbing under-hood heat. The enclosures also
include activated carbon absorption material, providing the same
function as the stock coniguration without the signiicant restric-
tion to air low. The increase in air-low is dramatic, with dyno tests
measuring an additional 21 horsepower. Carbon iber air box lids
provide a tasteful high performance look as well. Matching Stage 3
engine software is recommended for optimum performance and
+21 hp @ 7500 rpm / +14 lb-ft torque @ 7500 rpm
For those seeking the ultimate driving experi-
ence, Dinan has redeined M6 performance
with a bored and stroked 5.7 Liter version
of BMW’s V-10 engine, producing over 600
horsepower along with stump-pulling torque
that’s available at virtually any engine speed.
The engine is supplied completely assembled
and ready for installation, backed by Dinan’s
comprehensive matching new car warranty
coverage. Carefully calibrated Dinan engine
management software is included, ensuring
optimum performance and drivability. The
High Flow Air Mass Meter/Intake Assemblies
are required in order to supply adequate in-
take air low.
611 hp @ 7500 rpm / 468 lb-ft torque @ 6000 rpm*
*Tested with High Flow Air Mass Meter/Intake Assemblies, High Flow Throttle Bodies and Free Flow Rear Mulers.
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Under-Drive Crank Pulleys
Dinan has developed two under-drive pulley options for further increases in
power output. The street version represents a 13% reduction, increasing output
by 6 horsepower. The racing-only version ofers a 16% reduction, resulting in an
additional 8 horsepower.
Dinan Performance Brakes
by Brembo 3 badge points
Dinan and Brembo have teamed up in order to ofer ultimate stopping power
for the M6 while maintaining the quiet operation, pedal feel and wear indicator
systems that are appropriate for street applications. The systems feature massive
6-piston Mono-Block aluminum calipers in front with 4-piston units at the rear,
available in black or red. The two-piece rotors measure 380mm front and rear,
available slotted or drilled (stock rotors: 377mm front/370mm rear). Goodridge
stainless steel brake lines are included.
SuSPenSion anD chaSSiS
Carbon Fiber Strut and Shock Tower Braces
Front: 2 badge points / Rear: 1 badge point
Strong yet incredibly lightweight tubular-carbon iber front strut and
rear shock tower braces efectively enhance chassis rigidity for improved
handling and sharper steering response. Install with Dinan suspension
systems or the stock components. The rear brace center section is easily
removed when maximum trunk space is desired.
Mono-Ball Lower Control Arm Bearings 1 badge point
Mono Ball lower control arm bearings address the delection associated with
the stock bushings that negatively afect steering response as well as exac-
erbating the efects of brake shimmy, which can be particularly noticeable
when larger brakes are installed. Ride quality is also improved as the mono ball
bearings are actually more compliant. Featuring racing quality, spherical bear-
ings in precision machined aluminum housings, the bearings are substantially
larger than competing products for greater load handling capabilities and du-
rability. A special Telon lining ensures quiet operation. The Dinan mono ball
kit provides the beneits of greatly reduced delection without the annoying
clanking that is common among lesser quality products.
Suspension Systems 5 badge points
Dinan suspension systems for the M6 ofer the grip that enthusiasts demand while maintaining a comfortable, well-dampened
ride. The systems maintain all of the factory EDC features, comprised of fully matched proprietary springs and bump-stops, a
larger adjustable rear antiroll bar, and Dinan’s unique
Roll Control system in front. Camber/Caster plates
provide even more grip up front, virtually eliminat-
ing understeer. The Mono Ball Control Arm Bearings
improve steering response and overall stability for
tight and predictable cornering. The systems provide
comprehensive, pre-tuned suspension solutions that
take the guesswork out of superior handling without
compromising the civility expected of a BMW M6.
Stage 1 Suspension: Performance Spring Set with Match-
ing Bump Stops (maintains EDC struts/shocks).
Stage 2 Suspension: Adds larger, adjustable rear antiroll
bar and front Roll Control System to Stage 1.
Stage 3 Suspension: Adds mono ball lower control arm
bearings and Camber/Caster Plates to Stage 2.
19" Lightweight Forged Wheels
5 badge points – set of four
Dinan 19x10" rear wheels accommodate 295/30-19 tires with 275/35-
19s on 19x9" wheels in the front, dramatically increasing overall grip as
well as reducing understeer for razor sharp turn-in. At just 20 lbs. each,
they are the lightest 19" wheels to be found, improving handling, brak-
ing and even ride quality.
721492433.004.png 721492433.005.png 721492433.006.png
Driveline & acceSSorieS
3.91 Limited Slip Diferential 2 badge points
Dinan lowers the stock 3.62 inal drive gearing to a 3.91, taking full advantage of
torque multiplication for a substantial 8% increase in torque delivered to the wheels.
The lower ratio provides faster acceleration in every gear with only a minor increase
in engine speed at cruise. There is no afect on top speed potential when used in con-
junction with Dinan Engine Software, which raises the rev limiter.
Dinan Pedal Pads 1 badge point
Stylish spun aluminum pedal pads with anti-slip rubber
inserts feature the Dinan logo, adding a great high perfor-
mance look to the interior of your M6. Available for Manual
and SMG applications.
Signature Floor Mats
Signature loor-mat sets featuring an embroidered Dinan
logo are available for the M6 in your choice of carpet and
logo colors.
The Dinan Badge
The Dinan badge cannot be purchased but rather is provided at no
charge when your Dinan performance selections total 10 points, mak-
ing your Dinan enhanced BMW as exclusive as it is exciting to drive.
865 Jarvis Dr. • Morgan Hill, CA 95037 • 800-341-5480 • www.dinancars.com
Some products not legal for sale or use in California. Contact Dinan directly or visit dinancars.com for the current emissions status of each product.
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