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Bordeaux, France
Functional Training
This session is contributed by Dylan Lienart. The session was conducted by Ricardo Gomes who played for Ben ca and Paris Saint-Germain among others. He
was the coach of Bordeaux through the 2006-07 season and is now with AS Monaco. This is a functional session that allows the players to focus on the speci c
aspects of their position. The players warm-up together before moving to their particular station for functional training. The team comes back together for
small-sided games to nish the session.
Warm-Up (10 minutes)
The players divide into groups and play 5 v 2 keepaway.
Progressions (Two minutes each)
Unlimited touches
Three-touch limit
Two-touch limit
One-touch limit
Unlimited touches
Functional Work for Defenders (30 minutes)
Each of the four players with a ball are given a number. When the coach
calls a number, that player steps forward with the ball and the four
defenders adjust their position to either pressure, cover or balance the
Coaching Points
Speed of movement
Mutual cover
Body position
The coach calls a number as before but after stepping forward, the players
pass the ball between them and the defenders move to pressure the ball,
cover for the pressuring player and balance the far side of the defense.
Finally, four attackers try to score against four defenders and a
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Functional Training
Bordeaux, France
Functional Work for Mid elders (20 minutes)
Each player juggles a ball. At the coaches signal, they bring the ball to
the ground, perform a turn (Cruy turn, etc) and dribble away.
15 Yards
Passing Drill
The players are divided into groups of two with one ball and work in
separate 15 x 15-yard areas. The players pass and move within the
Coaching Points
Quality of control and passing
First touch in the direction the desired pass
Speed of execution
Functional Work for Attackers (20 minutes)
A player from Line A dribbles through the cones and crosses for players
from Line B and C to attack and nish. The central players perform a
crossing movement once they enter the box. The next attack comes
from Line D on the opposite ank.
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Bordeaux, France
Functional Training
30 Yards
Possession Game (20 minutes)
The players are divided into three teams. Two teams, dark and grey,
work together to maintain possession away from the white team. If the
defending team wins or clears the ball, the coach passes a new ball to the
dark or grey team.
The defending team is rotated every three minutes.
30 Yards
The teams in possession are limited to two touches
Players are not allowed to pass to a player in the same color shirt. This
requires the players to look up early and nd a passing option before
the ball is played to them.
9 v 9 + 2 Goalkeepers (20 minutes)
The players are allowed to play without restriction.
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