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Healthy breathing patterns are essential for good physical
and mental health. Disordered breathing patterns may be
a symptom or a cause of frequently undiagnosed health
problems. A significant proportion of the population
worldwide suffer from breathing pattern disorders or
chronic hyperventilation, particularly in the more
developed countries. This means that a wide range of
practitioners encounter these problems, often without
having received any prior training in their causation or
management. Frequently patients present requesting help
with pain, stress symptoms, anxiety, fatigue and
depression but the practitioner may fail to recognise that
disordered breathing patterns are also involved, either as
part of the etiology or as a maintaining factor.
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Breathing Patten
Disorders is intended to help healthcare practitioners to
understand the causes and effects of disordered breathing
and to provide strategies and protocols to help restore
normal breathing. The perspectives and techniques of
three different disciplines (physiotherapy, psychotherapy
and osteopathy) are offered in the spirit of cross­
disciplinary cooperation, to create a more comprehensive
understanding of breathing pattern disorders.
The importance and incidence of disordered breathing
patterns have only recently been acknowledged. A
considerable amount of research has now been published
to validate the relationship between disordered breathing
patterns and perceived pain levels, fatigue, stress and
anxiety. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Breathing Patten
Disorders describes simple techniques that are usable by
both medical and non-medical practitioners.and provides
the research evidence to support their use. Practitioners in
many disciplines will find this book provides them with a
useful addition to their practice.
About the Authors
Leon Chaitow, Registered Osteopathic Practitioner
and Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster,
London, is an internationally known and respected
lecturer, writer and osteopathic practitioner.
Dinah Bradley, New Zealand, Registered Respiratory
Physiotherapist, wrote the first patient handbook on
Hyperventilation Syndrome and is recognised
internationally as an authority on breathing pattern
Key features
Written by a trio of highly experienced clinicians in the
Christopher Gilbert is a clinical psychologist with
extensive experience in breathing regulation ,
biofeedback, and treatment of anxiety states .
Formerly in private practice in New Jersey, he is now
associated with the Chronic Pain Management
Program at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in
San Francisco.
Presents effective therapies for breathing disorders from
the disciplines of physiotherapy, psychotherapy and
osteopathy, as well as nutritional and other strategies
Includes an introduction to the mechanics, physiology
and biochemistry of normal and abnormal breathing
Includes self-help measures with charts and workbook
material that may be photocopied for use with patients.
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Multidisciplinary Approaches to Breathing Pattern Disorders
For Churchill Livingstone:
Editoral Director, Health Professions: Mary Law
Head of Project Management: Ewan Halley
Project Development Manager: Katrina Mather
Design Direction: George Ajayi/Judith Wright
Approaches to Breathing
Pattern Disorders
Leon Chaitow NO DO
Registered Osteopathic Practitioner and Senior Lecturer,
University of Westminster, London, UK
Dinah Bradley Dip Phys NZR P MNZS P
Private Consultant Respiratory Physiotherapist,
B reat h i n g Works, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand
Christopher Gilbert PhD
Psychologist, Chronic Pain Management Program,
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, San Francisco,
California, USA
Foreword by
Ronald Ley
Research Professor, University of Albany,
State University of New York, New York, USA
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