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ISBN 0 582 817048
First published 2001
Text copyright © Paul Shipton 2001
Illustrations for 'A Passenger's Story' copyright © Jeff Anderson 2001
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Illustrations pp. 7 and 23 copyright © Alan Fraser
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Printed and bound in Denmark by Norhaven A/S,Viborg
Level 3
Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter
The Ship of
The Biggest Ship in the World 4
The "Unsinkable Ship" Sinks 12
In the Water
The World Cries
The Titanic on Film
Parents said goodbye to their children. Husbands kissed
their wives for the last time. One woman's husband told
her, "You go. 1 will stay." The lifeboat left, and she never
saw him again.
There were many examples of bravery on the Titanic on the
night of April 14, 1912. Some of the crew and passengers
worked all night to save other people. They chose to stay on
the ship until the end. Other passengers thought only about
saving themselves. They fought to get into the lifeboats.
Some people think that the Titanic showed people at their
best and at their worst. Maybe this is why the disaster is still
famous. The ship sank in the North Atlantic over seventy-five
years ago. But almost everybody in the world today knows the
name of the Titanic.
So what really happened that night? Why did the ship hit an
iceberg? Why didn't another ship save the passengers? How
many people survived, and how many died?
You will find the answers in this book. But remember that the
disaster is more than just a story in a history book. It
happened a long time ago, but some old people today can
still remember it. There were many kinds of people on the
ship—rich and poor, young and old. Each person had hopes
and dreams. When the ship sank, hundreds died. Their hopes
and dreams died with them.
Paul Shipton lives and works in the United States and writes
mostly for younger people. Ghost in the Guitar is another of
his Penguin Readers.
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