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Earth Changes and the Ascension of Planet
Book I: The HIGHER
[First Published 1996 - revised 17th Edition 2012]
Copyright © 2012 by
Lawrence & Michael Sartorius
with the exception of credited quotations.
Deutsche Übersetzung: 'DIE NEUE ERDE' - Buch 1: Das Hohere Wissen
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The first two Chapters on the Creation of the Grand Universe and of Planet
Earth/Urantia are largely based on information first brought to Earth by
Celestial Messengers in 1934 and published in "The Urantia Book" (over
650,000 sold), along with further input by the Authors of "The New Earth",
Lawrence and Michael Sartorius.
Chapter One:
The Creation of our Grand Universe
Behind the creation of our own particular "Cosmos" within
our area of the Great Void, is our Cosmic Creator. He
originally emerged as a Spark of Life/Personality from the
very central point of "All That Is" and is totally responsible
for creating his own style of Creation within his given area
of the Great Void. From the Central Point of all Creation
there also radiates outwards into the great Void a powerful
creative Energy force/beam made up of the Cosmic Principle
of Love, a cohesive and cooperative and nurturing force that
binds together all of Creation and is fundamental to its
continued expansion.
It was after a long period of gaining the necessary
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qualifications, our Cosmic Creator was accepted into the 200
Member "Creation Council" of Cosmic Creator Gods. He
was then eventually given permission to create His own new
"Cosmos" as a creation of Universes and their worlds out in
a designated area of the Great Void. Having then set out to
accomplish this great creative task, on the way he also
gathered up eight experienced Advisor/Companions who
were all experts in various areas of the creative process to
assist in this endeavour.
And so it was that over an immense period of time He
created over 62 "Grand Universes" within His Cosmos, the
most recent being our own "Grand Universe" made up of the
Central Universe of Havona comprising over a billion large
spherical Worlds orbiting around the very central "Isle of
Pardise" upon which the ruling Trinity Father, Son and Holy
Mother Spirit reside. Orbiting around the great Central
Universe of Havona and the Isle of Paradise are a further
seven huge "SuperUniverses", each made up of over 100,000
"Local Universes"/Galaxies, making up a grand total of
700,000 Local Universes/Galaxies within our vast "Grand
Our Cosmic Creator's particular area of interest was to
develop an element of variety within His creations, striking
out from many the other relatively perfected but static
Creations of his fellow Creator Gods belonging to the
Creation Council, in order to promote a greater degree of
ongoing growth. Like many of the other Creators, he is
motivated to a constant expansion outwards of more and
more Universes of increasing perfection and beauty. All of
these are to be inhabited by extensions of his own
Being/cells of increasing numbers of newly birthed and
evolving spiritual Beings, each with a separated individuality
so as to expand his own learning and experience outside of
himself. He had originally intended for all of them to live
together harmoniously and benevolently together within the
Principles of Unconditional Love, but, alas, over time many
chose to explore the polarities of a more negative path.
Nevertheless, he has always maintained a great feeling of
love for all of His creations and for all of the harmonious
worlds of learning and perfection developed for the
evolution and enjoyment of those "Sparks of Life"
originating from within Himself.
As part of the Cosmic Creator's plan for these newly created
Spirits/Souls on their long journey of evolution, He has also
given them a limited Free Will in order to develop their own
unique personalities, character and skills outside of his own
consciousness. Their their individual learning experiences
are constantly adding to the Cosmic Creator's own
knowledge and experience and so they in effect become as
Co-creators with him.
However, the Cosmic Creator has made it clear that a
successful evolutionary path can only be undertaken with an
internal motivation of Love towards others. This is achieved
through "Unconditional Love" which asks for nothing in
return, but which is usually reciprocated because "like
attracts like". This attitude of "service to others" includes
respecting the rights of others within a caring consideration
for all, showing compassion for those in difficulties and also
bearing an allowance and forgiveness for the faults within
others. We have to strive to always extend a helping hand
down to our lesser endowed brethren in order to help lift
them up to our level. It is only through recognizing our
complete interdependence with all other life forms and in
fully cooperating with them that we will ever succeed in
creating harmonious, benevolent and perfect worlds.
The alternative, 'negative' course, and which is ultimately
anti-evolutionary, involves concentrating exclusively on
personal self-interest, this being usually done at the expense
of others. This can only lead to aggression, hate, and
conflict, what we term as "evil" because it is fundamentally
negative and works against the smooth progress of evolution,
both spiritual and material. When we can gain spiritually or
materially through our own efforts we are adding to the sum
total of evolutionary experience. But when we gain socially
only through putting down others, when we gain materially
only by taking from the fruits of others' labour, evolution
will have taken two steps backwards. Creating wealth which
benefits the wider community can enhance the evolutionary
environment. Acquisition of wealth through the diminution
of the wealth of others, can create conflict leading ultimately
to war, death and destruction.
Good or evil? Collaboration or conflict? Love for others, or
gain at another's expense? These are our constant choices,
our constant challenges. And a positive outcome is in no way
a foregone conclusion. Yet the Cosmic Creator has always
decreed that no form of creation, however faulty, bad or evil
it may turn out to be, should ever be totally destroyed. It can
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