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Project 'D'
The Ultimate Disk Copier
Package for Amiga
A Superb Amiga Disk Copier Plus:
- OmniTool: Special Format Copier
- CatalogTool: Software Indexer
- EditorTool: Amiga Disk Editor
Suggested Retail $49.95 (US)
Our policy is to provide qualify products at reasonable
prices, and support to our customers.
has been in business since 1979. We began Amiga-development .in
1985 and are commited to long term support.of all our products.
Originality, Creativity, and Satisfaction is bur trademark.
Our product copies almost everything, protected or not. We support you
with reasonably priced parameter"upgrades, a disk editor, a means to
sort,.list and produce labels for all your.soffware disks by category.
Project D's conceptual organization Is simple: Integrate a few major
functions (Tools) with some minor utilities (MiniToois). Then add a
common operating environment and a simple yet elegant user
interface:" "Allow the user to customize the desktop environment' and
be able to update and upgrade the system easily.
One feature of our product includes making multiple copies. The
Multicopy option must have 2.0 MB extra memory (2.5MB total) for
one pass copying. To take advantage of multi-tasking you must
follow the prompts when copying disks as AmigaDOS locks up with
duplicate disk volume names/date stamp.
Portions of this product are included to provide the owner of an original
computer program the ability to make a backup copy of the
program for archives]'.■purposes only! Provisions are made to support
viewing and searching -for data on the disk, and repairing a disk
(prerequisite for this is the knowledge of Amiga- disk formatting
standards, and THE ACCEPTANCE OF ANY RISKS), included in this
editing function is the feature to. edit raw MFM tracks, AmigaDOS
sectors and AmigaDOS files (calculating new checksums, when
selected).. You must know disk formatting principles on the Amiga to
find the files, a future update will make this easier. If you know the
Amiga,however, it will be more ofa convenience than a necessity.
Project D provides multiple level copying support. If one of our
parameters does not quite accomplish.the task, you have several
other options: Parameter A, the OmniTool, the Edito'rTool, and/or a
combination of all or a portion of these options. Some titles lend
themselves to copying by using the INDEX SYNCH option. We have
provided the capability to copy from a selected track to an ending
trcck- giving you more flexibility to manage youf .disk support
ope 'e provide helpful hints for titles that may be copied.using
native tools by including them in our list of parameters in the
foe' on the left pull down menu.
FAX, for ycur convenienceie: special parameter requests.
BBS number-to view parameter information is (602) 497-9114.
Fuller Computer Systems, Inc. reserves the right to make
modifications and improvements to this instruction manual and the
program describedherein at any time andwithoutnotice.
This manual is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. No part of this
manual may be copied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any
electronic medium or machine readable form without prior written
consent of:
Fuller Computer Systems, Inc.
Post Office Box 9222
Mesa, Arizona 85214
Fuller Computer Systems, Inc. makes no warranties, either expressed
or implied, with respect to the software recorded on the diskette or the
program described in this manual, their quality, performance,
merchantability orfitness foranyparticularpurpose. The program and
instruction manual are sold "as is." The entire risk as to their quality
and performance is with the buyer. In no event will Fuller Computer
Systems, Inc. be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential
damages resulting from any defect in the program or instruction
manual even ifFuller Computer Systems, Inc. has been advised ofthe
possibility of such damages. (Some states do not allow the exclusion
or limitation of implied warranties or liability for incidental or
consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not
apply to you.)
Portions of this product are included to provide the owner of an
original computer program, the ability to make a backup copy of that
original computer program for archival purposes only! This right is
provided under the federal copyright act. Unlawful use of this
program forpiracy ofsoftware is expressly forbidden andis aviolation
This instruction manual was written by Ben Fuller and Tom Monson
and was produced using Professional Page from Gold Disk, Inc. and
the QMS PS-810LaserPrinter.
Page 1
Dear Customer:
We at Fuller Computer Systems would like to thank you and
congratulate you for purchasing the finest disk copier/utility system
designed for the Amiga. ProjectD has been designed from the start as
a powerful and versatile disk utility system that, we feel, will enhance
the powerofyourAmiga.
Since ProjectD is aparameterbasedbackup system, it is neccessary to
periodically update the software to include new ways to handle new
copy protection schemes. Below is the Project D Update Policy:
Parameter Updates for the BackupTool are available quarterly. You
are required to return your original Project D disk with your update
request. There is a charge of $7.50 ($10.00 outside U.S.) for
processing each parameter update. Payment must accompany the
request and all requests must be made by REGISTERED owners of
Project D. Payment must be by check or money order drawn on US
funds through a US bank payable to: Fuller Computer Systems. Inc.
You do nothave toreturn yourdiskifyou use VISA orMASTERcard
and have ordered directfromus orhad apriorpaid update.
Please sendupdaterequests to: Project D Updates
c/oFuller Computer Systems, Inc.
Post OfficeBox 9222
Mesa,AZ 85214
Please allow 2-3 weeks forprocessing.
Once again,wewouldlike to thankyou forpurchasingProjectD. Tell
your friends aboutus!
Ben Fuller
VP, Software Development
Page 2
Project D: An Overview
Welcome to one ofthe mostinnovative concepts in diskutility packages. Theconceptbehind
Project D is a simple one: integrate a few major functions (Tools) with some minor utilities
(MiniTools) then add a common operating environment and a simple yet elegant user
interface. Allow the user to customize the desktop environment and be able to update and
upgrade thesystem easily.
Getting startedwith Project D
The ProjectD System softwarerequires KickstartV1.2 orhigher. Ifyou do nothave V1.2 of
the Amiga Operating System, contact your local dealer. Insert the Project D System Disk in
the internal disk drive when the "Insert Workbench" prompt appears (after booting Kickstart
on the A1000). Wait for the Workbench screen to appear, then double click on the Project D
disk icon. A new window should open on the screen and after a few seconds the Project D
Supervisor iconwill appear. Double clickthe Supervisor icon and in a fewmoments you will
be inthe ProjectDDesktopEnvironment.
The Project D System Supervisor
We wouldlike to introduce you to the ProjectD: Supervisor, the heart ofthe ProjectD system
software. The Supervisor's desktop is thefirstthing you willseewhenyouloadProjectD.
Project D Tools
Scattered around the desktop are the Tool Icons, you can manipulate these icons much the
same way as you wouldmanipulateWorkbenchicons. To activate a tool, firstplace themouse
pointer on the icon ofthe toolyou wantto select, nextrapidlypress andrelease the leftmouse
button twice (this is called double-clicking). The mouse pointer will change to the 'Busy
Pointer' (a capital D with a lightning bolt superimposed on it) and in a few moments you will
have entered the tool's operating environment.
Project D MiniTools
By holding the right mouse button down you will activate the Amiga's drop-down menu
system. You should see two menu titles in themenu bar, the first (MiniTools) is your link to
the Project D: MiniTools. This menu will appear through out all the Project D Tools and
MiniTools andusually contains the 'About' function ofthe current tool and some 'quick and
dirty' routines thatcouldbeuseful whenyou areusing atool.
The SupervisorMenu
Toggle WBench - This menu item, when selected, will toggle theWorkbench screen
on or off. A checkmark will appear with this item when the Workbench screen is available
(use the 'Screen to Back' gadget in the titlebar or press [Left Amiga] N to get to the
Workbench screenfrom ProjectD).
Get Tool Info - This menu item, when selected, will prompt you to select the tool
you want information about Select the tool by clicking once on the tool icon. A requester
will appearifthe 'GetToolInfo' was successful, andyoucanmodify anyoftheoptionsinthe
requester. Ifno toolinformationwas available,itwillbenotedinthetitlebar.
Clean Up Screen - This menu item, when selected, willre-position the tool icons to
their originalpositions onthe screen.
Save Environment - Thismenu item, when selected, will save thecurrentpositionof
all the tool icons to the disk.
Quit Project D - This menu item, when selected, will close all the resources
allocatedbyProjectD andreturnto theWorkbenchenvironment Thismenuitemcanonly be
selected ifthere areno Tools orMiniToolscurrently active.
Page 3
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