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BibleWorks 7.0
Full BibleWorks 7 Product

BibleWorks is a tightly integrated collection of software tools designed specifically for analyzing the texts of the Bible. BibleWorks was designed from the ground up to provide the best possible computer tools for scholarly study of the Bible. Included in the base package are capabilities for search and analysis, copying text to your word processor, displaying and comparing texts; 112 Bible translations spanning 30 languages; 14 original language texts; 18 morphology databases; 12 Greek lexicons and dictionaries; 5 Hebrew lexicons and dictionaries; 30 practical reference works (Greek/Hebrew sound files, Bible maps, critical apparati, NT diagrams); and more. Package includes five program CDs, including online manual and video tutorials CD, and a CD of over 20 available integrated add-on modules that can be unlocked individually for use at an additional fee. Free technical support. 30-day refund less shipping cost. (For Windows(R) computers only)
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