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Return To The Stars
Return To The Stars
Erich Von Daniken
Gods From Outer Space
Copyright - 1968
Translation Copyright - 1970
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About Erich von Daniken
1 Interstellar Space Flight is Possible
2 On the Track of Life
3 A 'Sunday' Archaeologist asks Questions
4 Mankind's Storehouse of Memory
5 The Sphere the Ideal Shape for Space-craft
6 The Science-fiction of Yesterday is Tomorrow's Reality
7 Conversations in Moscow
8 Ancient Sites that deserve Investigation
9 Easter Island: an Inexhaustible Topic
10 To India to consult the Sacred Texts
11 The Perversions of our Ancestors
12 Questions and still more Questions
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Inside Cover Blurb
Erich von Daniken maintains that it is not enough merely to look at the oddities which
archaeologists have not been able to explain away. We should go out looking for evidence of visits
from extra-terrestrial beings. When, for example, will Tiahuanaco be properly excavated and the
massive and technically advanced buildings attributed to a race other than the one whose bones and
crude tools happen to have been found there? When will an international organisation catalogue
and classify the thousands of rock drawings from all over the world, many of which seem to depict
memories of space visits? What about the unexplored ruins deep in the jungles of Guatemala and
Honduras? What about the Plain of Nazca? What about the Sahara?
'He plausibly and readably suggests that the earth has had extra-terrestrial visitors and that they
have left definite evidence of their visits if only man will take the trouble to read it'— Irish Press
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