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Each unit test is designed to cover the language areas in the corresponding unit of
Fast Track to FCE Coursebook, using the exact format of Paper 3 of the First
Certificate in English examination. There are three Progress tests, after Unit 4, 8 and
12 and these test the language from the previous four units. In addition to Paper 3
tasks, the Progress tests also include reading and writing tasks from Paper 1 and 2 of
the exam.
This test booklet includes an eight page pull-out answer key in the middle. We
recommend using the test booklet as follows: hand out a test booklet to each
student together with a photocopy of the answer sheets supplied with the answer
key. Tell students to mark their answers on the answer sheets only, not in the test
booklet. After you have administered the test and checked the answers, collect the
test booklets back in from your students. You can re-use them with another class, or
the following year.
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Unit 1 Test
Lexical cloze
For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer ( A , B , C or D ) best fits
each space. There is an example at the beginning ( 0 ).
A lends
B passes
C spends
D puts
In Britain, the average young person now ( 0 ) more money on games each year than
on going to the cinema or renting videos. But is this ( 1 ) a bad thing? For years,
newspaper reports have been ( 2 ) that children who spend too much time playing
computer games become unsociable, bad-tempered, even violent as a ( 3 )
But new
research, ( 4 )
out in both Europe and the USA, suggests that the opposite may be
( 5 )
Indeed, playing some of the more complicated games may help people of all ages to
( 6 ) certain skills. Researchers claim that this is because the games ( 7 ) the brain
work harder in certain ways, like ( 8 ) sounds and movements quickly and identifying
what they are. The fact that people play the games repeatedly, ( 9 )
that they get a
lot of practice in these skills which are therefore ( 10 )
to become highly developed.
Social skills may benefit too. Researchers in Chicago think that fans of first-person
shooter games ( 11 ) Counterstrike are better than non-players when it ( 12 ) to
building trust and co-operation, and that this ( 13 ) them to make good friendships
and become strong members of their communities. So rather than ( 14 )
computer games, perhaps young people ( 15 )
to spend more time on them?
1 A necessarily
B certainly
C fully
D nearly
2 A speaking
B informing
C telling
D saying
3 A product
B result
C reason
D conclusion
4 A worked
B thought
C turned
D carried
5 A exact
B true
C fact
D precise
6 A repair
B advance
C improve
D amend
7 A make
B force
C push
D keep
8 A realising
B noticing
C imagining
D solving
9 A means
B asks
C brings
D causes
10 A surely
B probable
C likely
D possible
11 A in order to
B such as
C due to
D as well as
12 A requires
B goes
C involves
D comes
13 A supports
B helps
C shows
D serves
14 A giving
B ending
C taking
D stopping
15 A bound
B should
C due
D need
UNIT 1 Test
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Structural cloze
For questions 16-30, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each
space. Use only one word in each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).
Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.
The word 'prop' is used to describe any of ( 0 ) various objects that actors carry
and use during the making of a film. The idea of actually collecting these objects as a
hobby ( 16 ) a relatively new one. It all started ( 17 ) one Hollywood studio
decided to sell off many of its old props in a famous sale in 1971. Since ( 18 )
, the
keenest movie fans, as well as having ( 19 )
own copy of a favourite film on DVD
or video, ( 20 )
started to collect some of the actual items that the actors use
( 21 )
( 22 ) a result, some items are now worth quite a lot of money. ( 23 )
example, a pair of shoes which Madonna wore in the film Evita would cost around £500.
But the most valuable props are from classic old films ( 24 ) Casablanca or Gone
with the Wind. When these films ( 25 ) made over fifty years ago, most of the
props were thrown ( 26 ) once the filming was over, and so very little survives.
( 27 ) days, film studios usually keep everything, and you can buy less important
props quite easily over the internet. If you're interested in this hobby,
( 28 )
, you need to make sure that ( 29 )
you are buying is the real thing,
because fakes are worth nothing ( 30 )
Key word
For questions 31-40, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to
the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must
use between two and five words, including the word given. Here is an example ( 0 ) .
Two years ago, Maria started learning German.
two years.
The space can be filled by the words 'has been learning German for' so you write:
Write only the missing words on the separate answer sheet.
We've arranged to go and see the art exhibition on Saturday.
see the art exhibition on Saturday.
The opening night of the new film will probably attract a lot of people.
The opening night of the new film
a lot of people.
UNIT 1 Test
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