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{2950}{3002}I'm going to caII.
{3403}{3459}NationaI TranspIant Organization.
{3462}{3519}- ManueIa, Ramon y CajaI hospitaI.|- Yes.
{3521}{3574}We've got a possibIe donor.
{3576}{3659}We've done the first EEG|and the famiIy has agreed.
{3662}{3713}Give me the detaiIs.
{3717}{3781}MaIe, 35 years oId.
{3784}{3816}BIood group?
{3818}{3890}O positive. Weight, about 150 pounds.
{4371}{4421}NotasingIe drop!
{4494}{4559}- With Dodoti Diapers...|- Dodotis!
{4562}{4599}You won't feeI a drop!
{4735}{4764}- Mom!|- What?
{4767}{4807}The movie's starting.
{4809}{4859}I'm coming.
{4995}{5070}Eve UnveiIed
{5072}{5118}They aIways change the titIe!
{5120}{5180}AII About Eve shouId be|''Todo Sobre Eva.''
{5197}{5245}But that sounds odd.
{5479}{5517}What are you writing?
{5588}{5624}Future PuIitzer winners.
{5675}{5736}Eat up. you have to put on|a few pounds.
{5739}{5822}Some day you may have|to work the street to keep me.
{5834}{5913}you don't need pounds for that.|you need a big dick.
{5932}{5990}Where did you Iearn|to taIk Iike that?
{5997}{6072}- You asked.|- I was joking.
{6136}{6195}- And you?|- What about me?
{6197}{6260}WouId you prostitute yourseIf|for me?
{6300}{6373}I've aIready done|just about everything for you.
{6441}{6482}Eat up!
{6514}{6584}Autograph finds!|They're not peopIe.
{6587}{6653}They're IittIe beasts|that runinpacks Iike coyotes.
{6656}{6695}They're your fans.
{6698}{6739}They're nobody's fans.
{6741}{6816}They're juveniIe deIinquents|mentaI defectives.
{6819}{6848}Fans, indeed!
{6851}{6934}They never see a pIay or a movie.|They're never indoors Iong enough.
{6936}{6996}WeII, there's one indoors|right now.
{6999}{7069}I brought her back to see you.|Come in, Eve.
{7117}{7162}I thought you'd forgotten about me.
{7165}{7199}Not a taII.
{7202}{7249}Margo this is Eve harrington.
{7252}{7311}- How do you do, my dear?|- HeIIo.
{7313}{7372}WouId you Iike to be an actress?
{7374}{7437}It was hard enough|becoming a nurse.
{7440}{7502}If you were an actress|I'd write parts for you.
{7523}{7584}I was in an amateur group|when I was young.
{7586}{7639}I wasn't bad.
{7642}{7690}I must have a picture somewhere.
{7714}{7767}I'd Iove to see it.
{7785}{7827}I'II Iook for it Iater.
{7989}{8028}Look, Esteban.
{8032}{8083}I found a picture.
{8177}{8258}We were doing a show|based on texts by Boris Vian.
{8283}{8344}Cabaret for inteIIectuaIs.
{8665}{8701}Happy birthday!
{8704}{8771}- AIready?|- It's midnight, sweetheart.
{8804}{8878}Music for ChameIeons.|how did you know I wanted it?
{8904}{8945}I know you Iike Capote.
{8962}{9011}Read me something|Iike when I was IittIe.
{9204}{9259}I started writing when I was eight.
{9261}{9314}See? I'm not the onIy one.
{9335}{9398}I didn't know|that I had chained my seIf for Iife...
{9401}{9473}to a nobIe but merciIess master.
{9476}{9565}When God hands you a gift|he aIso hands you a whip...
{9604}{9695}and the whip is intended|onIy for seIf-fIageIIation.
{9720}{9772}That's enough to put you off writing.
{9776}{9822}Don't be so Iame.
{9824}{9899}It's a wonderfuI preface.
{9901}{9981}How do you want|to ceIebrate your birthday?
{9984}{10039}I'd Iike to see one of your seminars.
{10081}{10156}I'm writing a story about you|for a competition.
{10181}{10291}And I'd Iike to see you act|in those organ donation courses.
{10293}{10371}WeII, I'd have to check with Mamen.
{10374}{10427}She's the psychoIogist|in charge of the seminar.
{10431}{10478}Fine. Do it.
{10516}{10583}I don't think I Iike you writing|about me.
{10586}{10647}Your husband is dead, ma'am.
{10650}{10707}That's impossibIe.
{10709}{10777}We just saw him in the ICU.|he seemed to be breathing.
{10779}{10890}We've expIained that, ma'am.|A machine is breathing for him.
{10893}{10967}WouId you Iike us|to contact your famiIy?
{10987}{11031}I don't have any famiIy.
{11050}{11102}Just my son.
{11123}{11192}My God! How am I going to teII him?
{11195}{11255}When he was aIive|did your husband say anything...
{11257}{11318}regarding organ donation?
{11321}{11391}Did he care about such matters?
{11393}{11452}When we were aIive|he cared onIy about Iiving.
{11479}{11581}But I presume he was concerned|with the Iives of others.
{11601}{11638}I don't understand.
{11640}{11739}What my coIIeague means|is that your husband's organs...
{11741}{11799}couId save other patients' Iives.
{11801}{11865}But we need|your authorization for that.
{11868}{11948}You couId give him a transpIant?
{11951}{12036}Not exactIy.|The other way around, actuaIIy.
{12276}{12378}Now we'II discuss|what happened in the simuIation.
{13465}{13515}Look when you cross the street!
{13541}{13598}- What were you thinking?|- I had an idea.
{13601}{13659}An idea! Give him the tickets.
{13792}{13858}Why are you Iooking at me Iike that?|Do I Iook awfuI?
{13861}{13930}No, you Iook better than ever.
{13933}{14022}Look, that must be|the gentIeman you were expecting.
{14024}{14083}You aren't Mr. HuntIeigh!
{14111}{14165}Neither are you!
{14602}{14661}These fingernaiIs wiII have|to be trimmed.
{14706}{14736}The jacket, Doctor.
{14738}{14806}Ask her to Iet go of me!
{14869}{14919}Let her go.
{15039}{15094}Get up.
{15173}{15234}Lean on my arm...
{15251}{15309}Miss DuBois.
{15312}{15347}Thank you.
{15350}{15387}Whoever you are...
{15390}{15491}I have aIways depended|on the kindness of strangers.
{15767}{15824}Come on, baby. The worst is over.
{15827}{15894}Don't touch me.|Don't ever touch me again, bastard!
{15896}{15940}Watch your Ianguage!
{16154}{16204}SteIIa, come here.
{16297}{16364}I'm never coming back to this house.
{16646}{16703}I'd Iike to get|huma Rojo's autograph.
{16705}{16795}- In this weather?|- What's that got to do with it?
{16974}{17016}What if nobody comes out?
{17019}{17096}Let's wait a whiIe. It's my birthday.
{17119}{17186}Look, autumn's here aIready.
{17205}{17266}- So Iong.|- See you tomorrow.
{17333}{17406}Nina Cruz reaIIy moved you|didn't she?
{17409}{17483}No, not her. SteIIa.
{17493}{17601}Twenty years ago, we did Streetcar|with the drama group in my town.
{17604}{17660}I pIayed SteIIa.
{17662}{17714}Your father was KowaIski.
{17717}{17796}Some day you'II have to teII me|aII about my father.
{17799}{17846}AII I know is|he died before I was born.
{17849}{17923}- It isn't an easy story to teII.|- I guess not.
{17926}{17991}Or you'd have toId me by now.
{17995}{18068}I nearIy asked for that|as a birthday present.
{18071}{18119}I'm not sure|it wouId be a nice present.
{18122}{18206}You're wrong.|It wouId be the best one.
{18273}{18359}Then I'II teII you everything|when we get home.
{18411}{18478}Working in theater|is worse than being a nun!
{18536}{18628}You think not being abIe to get stoned|aII day is being a nun!
{18631}{18666}Yeah, I do!
{18708}{18768}AIfonso XI I Street, number 30.
{18854}{18907}Come on, forget about it!
{19711}{19757}My son!
{20449}{20545}Tomorrow I turn 17 but I Iook oIder.
{20548}{20645}Boys who Iive aIone with their mothers|have a speciaI Iook...
{20648}{20736}more serious than normaI|Iike an inteIIectuaI or a writer.
{20739}{20833}In my case that's normaI|because I'm aIso a writer.
{20950}{20995}Intensive Care Unit
{21090}{21147}This is LoIa, at Ramony CajaI.
{21217}{21277}We've got a possibIe donor.|he's in the ICU.
{21279}{21321}They've done the first EEG...
{21324}{21391}but the mother hasn't given|her consent yet.
{21393}{21432}Can I have the detaiIs?
{21435}{21485}I don't have them.|It's ManueIa's son.
{21488}{21572}The ManueIa that I know?|The coordinator?
{21584}{21647}Yes. he's dead.|It's awfuI.
{22358}{22436}the resuIt of the EEG|is what we'd feared.
{22650}{22715}We have to make a decision|immediateIy.
{22804}{22851}CONSENT BY NEXT OF KIN
{23650}{23681}OPERATING ROOM
{24179}{24251}It's from the hospitaI!
{24254}{24294}We have to go. We have to caII.
{24296}{24384}- I'II do it. you caIm down.|- I am caIm-- but caII them.
{25918}{25976}THREE WEEKS LATER
{26121}{26179}We're outside now|sweetheart.
{26184}{26220}We're out at Iast.
{26222}{26287}He Iooks great.|Who'd have beIieved it?
{26291}{26339}He certainIy didn't.
{26342}{26387}I feeI I can breathe Iike before.
{26389}{26453}- Even better.|- With an 18-year-oId's heart!
{26457}{26557}- I'II fix you some appIe fritters.|- No, he has to be carefuI.
{26639}{26708}Last night, Mom showed me|a picture of when she was young.
{26723}{26773}HaIf of it was missing.
{26775}{26874}I didn't want to teII her|but my Iife is missing that same haIf.
{27264}{27320}I was worried.
{27333}{27391}I thought you'd never caII.
{27394}{27445}I caIIed as soon as I got to Madrid.
{27448}{27488}I mean in Argentina.
{27491}{27547}I caIIed you Ioads of times...
{27550}{27614}but I must have got|your aunt's number wrong.
{27635}{27724}I wasn't in Argentina, Mamen.|I went to Coruna.
{27973}{28025}Why did you go there?
{28095}{28176}I went after my son's heart.
{28178}{28252}Who toId you? How did you know?
{28254}{28291}I Iooked in the fiIes...
{28294}{28378}untiI I found the name and address|of the transpIant recipient.
{28380}{28436}You shouIdn't have.
{28439}{28503}It was wrong|and the best way to go crazy.
{28505}{28556}- Look at me, damn it!|- I know that.
{28559}{28631}The best thing for me|is to quit the NTO and Ieave Madrid.
{28635}{28711}- I didn't say that.|- But you think it-- and you're right.
{28740}{28787}I think I won't even unpack.
{28789}{28885}You're in no shape to traveI aIone.|you're iII.
{28888}{28950}You have to rest up an...
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